Portugal next for bail outs?

Article translated by Michael Laudahn

From Visao:

External aid: PS [socialist party] wants the government to demand same conditions as Spain

Lisbon, 10 june (Lusa): The PS leader demanded today that the government negotiate a treatment for Portugal at the same conditions which Spain is about to benefit from, emphasising the necessity of the European Union to treat all member states on ‘equal footing’. 

‘This is the moment to demand of the portuguese government that they claim a treatment for Portugal exactly at the same conditions which in this moment Spain is about to benefit from’, affirmed António José Seguro, the PS’ seceretary-general, about Spain’s request for aid to recapitalise its banks.  

Reminding that the support which will be supplied to Spain will be 100 billion euros, António José Seguro considered that there still are questions to be answered, particularly ‘from where comes this money, and which are the compensations’. 


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  1. Europe is on the road to total economic collapse, the socialist policies of the past century are coming home to roost, unfortunately is is not just Europe that are on this road, the entire world is headed down the tubes. Hopefully there will be some pockets of civilization left after the collapse.

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