No jail for any of those throwing eggs and disrupting Lars Vilks lecture

Translation: Michael Laudahn with many thanks

From AVPixlat:

MOSLEM VIOLENCE: None of the moslems who, screeching Allahu Akbar, threw eggs at the lecturer in february this year at a lecture held by artist Lars Vilks, will be held responsible for their crime. Despite the fact that the events are documented on film, police have managed to pick one single suspected individual only, and moreover only for having shouted and gesticulated at the artist.  

It was a lecture held at Karlstad university on 21 february which was invaded by some 15 aggressive moslems, who caused such a brouhaha that the lecture had to be called off. Eggs carried by them were thrown at Lars Vilks, who however had been through worse episodes and turned the attack against the authors by drawing one of them on one of the eggs which hadn’t broken. However, if police hadn’t intervened, there would have been a big risk that Vilks would have ended up really bad, because there actually is a death fatwa against him among moslems. 

The investigation had been limited to the delict called disturbing a general assembly, and which usually only leads to a fine. However, police don’t even see themselves able to prove this small delict in one single case. Still the investigation has been passed on to the prosecutor, in order to judge if the lawsuit should be pressed forward. This should, however, rather be seen as a formality, before the case will be archived. 

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