UPDATE: Muslim attacked Belgian police in order to be shot

Thank you Michael Laudahn for staying on top of this story which isn’t getting 1/100th the attention it deserves:

From this news site:

BRUSSELS: The man who attacked with a knife two police officers in the metro station Beekkant is under arrest for attempted murder in terrorist context, according to a communique issued by the federal prosecutor on saturday. He risks to receive a life sentence. 

The perpetrator, a 34-year old french islamist, explained to the examining magistrate to have executed the attack in order to be shot dead by police, and so change the belgian government’s position on the niqab. 

The two officers attacked are 23 and 24 years old. One of them could already leave the hospital. The other one, a woman, is severely wounded and remains at the hospital. The facts were recorded through surveillance cameras, showing the perpetrator attacking the agents while these patrol through a hallway, thus not during a control, as had been reported earlier. 

The perpetrator had a big knife in his pocket, plus a shorter blade hidden in a pen. He declared to be a mujahedin, to have come from Paris in order to make ‘holy war’. Through his act, he also wanted to demand the ‘unbelievers’ to withdraw from Afghanistan, and protest against the belgian government’s policy towards moslems and the wearing of the niqab. He was carrying documents confirming this, which among others pointed to Sharia4Afghanistan and the taliban.

The man admitted to have attacked the officers with a knife, but without the intention to kill. He is unknown to the french and belgian police services. 

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  1. More reason for the Belgium police to shoot any Muslims looking suspicious and asking questions later. I bet he feels like dog shit. No virgins for him. Maybe they can put him in a cell with some gay prisoners. Now wouldn’t that be the kicker.

  2. And the 72 virgins are now equipped with made-in-China synthetic hymens featuring auto-reset for multiple applications.

  3. If you attack somebody with a Knife,your intentions are to inflict as much damage as posible to that person,which includes the taking of their Life,it should be at least Attempted Murder on Two Police Officers,which should carry Life Imprisionment on Two Accounts,then there’s a Breach of the Peace,Carrying an Offensive Weapon,and Resisting Arrest,throw the Book at the B@stard.!!!

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