EDL on grooming of Luton Sikh girl

Sikhs demonstrate in Luton

The British city of Luton saw a large protest by Sikhs last week after the alleged rape of a Sikh girl – reportedly in her teens.

The alleged attacker, British Pakistani Anan Majid Basharat, 19, subsequently appeared at Luton Magistrates Court, charged with assault. He pleaded not guilty and was granted bail on condition that he did not reside in Luton while awaiting trial, and that he adhered to a curfew.

Both the attacker and victim are students at Icknield High School.

Pakistan’s Daily Times reported that, “hundreds” of the Sikhs protested outside Luton Police station following the allegation of rape. The protest, which was called at short notice, is seen as a “warning shot” to the Muslim community of Britain to “get its house in order.”

Several cases of child grooming and rape by gangs of Muslim men have been prosecuted in Britain over the last year. However, it is now widely accepted that police routinely ignored sexual violence by Muslim gangs for several decades, due to political correctness. Although sexual predators are of ethnicity and religion, Muslim men with Pakistani roots make up the vast majority of perpetrators in this specific crime.

Sikhs and Hindus recently criticized the British media for describing grooming gangs as “Asian,” not least of all as both Sikh and Hindu girls have been targeted for grooming by Muslim gangs in Britain. There have been no reported cases of Sikhs or Hindus involved in grooming.

Although the protestors in Luton were mostly male, some Sikh women also turned up to protest what they see as police negligence in the case.

The parents of the alleged rape victim had complained to the local police authority on four separate occasions that their daughter was being “groomed” for sexual abuse. As with many other such cases, however, the police authority failed to take any action, leaving the girl and her family vulnerable.

The Sikh community decided to protest outside Luton police station after convening a meeting at Guru Nanak Gurdwara on Tuesday evening. Between 30 and 40 members of the English Defence League (EDL) also joined the Sikh protestors.

The EDL describes itself as a movement opposed to “radical Islam.” It has a large white working class membership, and according to a recent article in the Asian Tribune, the EDL also has strong “grass root support” that includes “members from every Asian country.” The EDL also has a number of ethnic and religious minority divisions, including a Sikh division.

“I don’t say [the victims are] ‘white girls’, because it’s not [just] ‘white girls’ who are victims of these grooming gangs,” says EDL leader Tommy Robinson. “They’re targeting black girls, they’re targeting Sikh girls, they’re targeting English girls.”

And “this is not [just] a Sikh problem,” either, says Robinson. The victim “is a member of my community, the way I see it. That girl that has been groomed and raped – I see my community as the Sikh community, the Hindu community, the Jewish community; all the communities need protecting from Islamo-fascism.”

“The Sikh community strongly believes that this attack [on the Sikh girl] was racially motivated,” says the Sikh website Panthic.org, “and is one of the many and growing body of evidences of activity within the Muslim community, however, small or isolated, which preys upon vulnerable Sikh females in an organised way and actively encourages this.”

Although unreported in the mainstream media, threats have been made against the girl’s family, with the mother and sister of the victim being threatened with rape if they complained to the police. Videos of the victim were also reportedly made, and the family have also been threatened that these will be posted on Sikh websites in an attempt to have her outcast from the Sikh community, if they speak out.

“What has happened to her… threatening to rape her family – threatening to expose these videos – it’s happening all across the country,” says Robinson. “I know another twenty English girls in this position.”

Panthic.org also accuses the police of failing “to handle the incident properly” because they are scared of “Pakistani radicals.”

“the reason the police don’t deal with these crimes is because [the attacker] is a Muslim. If a Muslim family went to the police[…] then the police would be kicking off doors,” Robinson believes, “and that’s the two-tier system we’re up against” in Britain.

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  1. Tommy is right there is a double standard, the left has worked hard to get this multi-tiered judicial system in place, now the people who slept during the early days are waking up and realizing just what has happened. Hopefully they will be able to reverse the situation by political means.

  2. I hope to God you are right Richard,my question is(like everybody else),why don’t our Polititians see the situation the Country is facing,?? and why don’t they take steps to prevent these things happening,?? why don’t they protect the People who put them in place,to run the Brittish Isles the way the People expect the Country to be run,??? when has a Polititian come forward,and explained the way the Polititians feel about the Country being taken down this Road,?? they are good at talking when it comes time to Vote,but once they are in…..F@ck you mate,i’ve got my Big House and £Millions in the Bank,and you don’t matter for another 4 X Years.

  3. The left never admits its programs are failures, and that is what they would be doing if they tried to correct the problems they have created. Also the politicians have grown so use to peace they forget that long term peace is the exception rather then the norm. Both of these will prevent any leftist politicians from seeing what is happening. What the West needs is another Winston Churchill, and I don’t see anyone like him anywhere.

  4. The Nazi-practice of euthanasia broke the stranglehold of Political Correctness in the Netherlands. The Dutch became immunized to accusations of Nazism, because the Christians called them Nazis for their euthanasia. The Dutch didn’t fear the Christian, so they did not longer fear the Leftist. Legalizing euthanasia is very powerful in the fight against Islam. It offers the possibility to mutilate the Muslim very badly. The Muslim can’t escape by euthanasia, because his religion forbids this. It also shows the Muslim that even the Atheist doesn’t fear death. We Dutch love euthanasia, we love death more than the Muslim. We were blessed by Pim Fortuyn and Geert Wilders. Hitler broke the spiritual foundations of Communism with his euthanasia programs. The Dutch broke the spiritual foundations of Islam with our euthanasia programs. Oil boycots won’t work. After all, even an Atheist can employ my methods to break Islam in Saudi-Arabia.

  5. “an attempt to have her outcast from the Sikh community, if they speak out.”

    Ah those liberal, democracy loving Sikhs. The simple fact is that forced marriages go on in all Asian communities, as does rampant abuses against women.
    Not long now before the inter community wars start, Hindus vs Sikhs vs Muslims, as areas descend into a mirror of the countries these people came from.
    Muslims are the worst, by a long chalk, I’ll give them that, but they’re not the only community intent on keeping their ridiculous religious barbarism going. I guess because there’s no mandate to actually export they’re religions to the rest of the world, we tend to ignore it.

  6. Only a new religion can solve things. Those that do not join will burn eternally in hell. The proof of the truth of my religion is the civil war in Syria. It will escalate and escalate. The Muslims that die in that war will burn in hell. Mecca should be nuked. Muslims that get angry at reading this will burn in hell. Allah is a weakling that needs humans to defend Mecca. Allah is a weakling that needs humans to avenge Mecca. Allah is a weakling that needs humans to rebuild Mecca. All attempts of the Muslim to protect Mecca prove he is worshipping an idol. It is their own logic when they attack the holy stuff of other people. The civil war is the revenge of all spiritual entities the Muslims humiliated by destroying their “idols”. My God is the leader of these spiritual entities. He will destroy Islam by internal warfare. The civil war in Syria is my great proof.

  7. blindguard you are partially right, the other religious minorities and insisting on keeping their own religion, yet their kids are assimilating without being murdered. The original immigrants almost always hang onto some or all of their culture but their kids and grand kids assimilate.

    Where you are even more right is seeing this as the potential start of the community wars, the immigrants don’t have the long tradition of peaceful protest and allowing the police to solve the problems. (Not that they are doing that good a job) For this reason they are going to be the ones starting the violence, what they are ignoring is the way the Europeans have a tradition of resisting violence against them, they do this by reacting with even more violence against the invaders. We are in the peaceful protest phase, and if we can get so politicians with brains and guts we can remain in this phase. I seriously doubt we are going to find those politicians but we have to try.

  8. If Europe was really dependent on Muslim oil, the situation would be far, far worse. That means the European elite is hiding something. Post-oil technology. Demand that it will be made public.

  9. As I said in another segment, they are hiding the fact that North America has enough oil to be energy independent for several centuries, by drilling and opening new refineries we would drop the price of oil to around $20.00 and gas to about $1.50. The oil companies want this but the left doesn’t, energy independence and cheap gas won’t help the left control the west.

  10. Would drilling for oil not lead to an immediate oil boycot? In fact you are admitting that we are made “dependent” on Muslim oil for political purposes.

  11. Possibly, but remember this is war and as General Patton said never take council from your fears, an oil boycott would hurt the oil states more then the west, we would be drilling our way out of the problem while the oil states would be destroying their only salable product. Their economies would be destroyed while ours would only be hurt, we would recover and they would limp for decades if not forever.

    The major damage would be to the credibility of the left and their limits of growth policies.

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