Syria’s ultimatum to Christians: “Leave Qusayr”

Vatican Insider:

Bombings in the city of HomsBombings in the city of Homs

The message sent out by the military chief of the armed opposition has spread panic and lead to a Christian exodus

vatican insider staff

An exodus of Christians is taking place in Western Syria: the Christian population has fled the city of Qusayr, near Homs, following an ultimatum issued by the military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba.

This is what local sources told Vatican news agency Fides, pointing out that since the conflict broke out, only a thousand of the city’s ten thousand faithful, were left and they are now being forced to flee immediately. Some of the city’s mosques have issued the message again, announcing from the minarets: “Christians must leave Qusayr within six days, ending Friday.” The ultimatum therefore expired on 8 June and spread fear among the Christian population which had started to regain hope as a result of the presence of the Jesuit Fr. Paolo Dall’Oglio, who stopped off in Qusayr for a week to “pray and fast in the name of peace, right in the midst of conflict.”

The reasons for this ultimatum remain a mystery. Some say it is necessary in order to protect faithful from further suffering; other sources reveal “a continuity in discrimination and selective repression.” Others still claim that Christians have openly expressed their loyalty to the state and this is why the opposition army is chasing them away. Now Christian families in Qusayr have begun their exodus as displaced persons, towards the surrounding valleys and rural areas. Some have taken refuge in parents’ and friends’ homes in Damascus. Very few families have courageously decided to stay behind in their birth city but who knows what fate will meet. Fides sources have reiterated that groups of Salafi Islamic extremists within the armed opposition consider Christians as “infidels”; they confiscate their belongings, carry out mass executions and are ready to declare a “denominational war”.

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11 Replies to “Syria’s ultimatum to Christians: “Leave Qusayr””

  1. It won’t be long before they are warned to leave Syria, and the warnings will be issued to Christians in other Moslem nations.

  2. The situation in Syria is now clearly Islamists vs old Tyrant. At this point the free world needs to forge carrier-based task forces to be rotated through regions of concern ready to strike, rescue or decimate as necessary. Policing the planet is now necessary on a grand scale. This will include the use of drones and non-nuke ICBMs.

  3. That sounds like a fair swap to me,we get back all of ours if they take back all of theirs,i’m all for that you BAGHEADS.!!

  4. They won’t take theirs back, although the Christians who manage to escape are a massive intelligence and military asset, they are native speakers who know the culture and can fit right in. This was how the Mossad got such a big reputation.

  5. Ross you are right, but Europe doesn’t have many carriers left and Obama has reduced our military to the point we are having a hard time finding money to let the ships sail.

  6. Yes not a bad idea Chris. Total segregation could be the answer, though chivalry dictates that I would still worry about the defenceless women left on the wrong side of the fence…

  7. Yes Richard, we all scaled back our carrier forces over the years. Australia said goodbye to the Sydney and the Melbourne over a quarter of a century ago. We need to pool our resources and maintain combined fleets. It would help if we could get China to wake up and accept what side of the bread its butter belongs on. Aus needs to exert its economic partnership influence with China to make them contribute. India also needs to step up its contribution.

  8. Ross have you heard anything about Japan building a carrier group? I heard rumors about this during the 90s but they were suppose to have stopped construction when President Bush took office.

    The weakness of all Navy’s is the reason we had the combined fleets during WWII, they worked well then so we can pray they will again.

  9. Hi Rich,
    I do remember debate about Japan building up its naval forces after the time of the first Gulf War. That went rather quiet and I believe their development plans were scaled back due to a change in leadership in the late 90’s. The debate about Japan sending forces overseas heated up after 11 Sept 2001 and Japanese logistical support troops ended up assisting our our guys for a time in Afghanistan. Japan should revisit their naval development plans again….

    Yes the destruction of allied naval forces post Treaty of Versailles was very naive and short sighted. Well actually quite dumb considering that the Russian Civil War was in full swing and we in the British Commonwealth sent a Brigade to North Russia to help stop the threat of Communism…..! In hindsight that was a pathetic token gesture – we should have sent all six ANZAC Divisions, the ANZAC Mounted Division and the four Canadian Divisions. If we had we would not have the problems we do today… The Islamist threat has arisen under the protective Soviet umbrella… Easy to be wise in hindsight I suppose, yet I think knocking off the reds would still have been on my radar back in 1919.

  10. Don’t forget the American units that were sent to Siberia, I think they stayed until about the middle 20d.

    Thanks for the info, I remember the debate over Japan sending troops to help us, I think they ended up limiting them to medical duties.

    Right now I wish Japan had about 2 to 3 carrier groups, we need the help. After all one lesson the left refuses to learn is that when the West disarms the rest of the world declares war. Generally on us.

  11. Wikipedia says the US forces 5,000 were pulled out of Siberia in 1920, the article also says the US send troops to Arcangle when the Brits did. I just learned something new about military history, a good day.

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