The Balkanization/Somalification of the world due to Islam continues apace

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Ex-allies Clash in Northern Mali as Crisis ‘Turns Tribal’

08 Jun 2012

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An Islamist rebel mans a gun near Timbuktu in rebel-held northern Mali

Mali’s Tuareg rebels clashed overnight with their former Islamist allies, witnesses said Friday, after the two groups fell out over forming a breakaway state in the northern desert region they control.

The clash involving automatic weapons near the remote regional capital Kidal was the first between the rebel National Liberation Movement of Azawad (MNLA) and the Islamist Ansar Dine, reports AFP.

Both groups are made up of Tuareg tribesmen from different various clans and the fighting has raised fears of widening chaos in the vast northern swathe of the country.

The rebel forces seized the region with little resistance from Malian government forces seizing the initiative after officers in the southern capital Bamako seized power in a March 22 coup.

The rival northern groups belong to different Tuareg tribes — Taghat Melet and Idnane for the MNLA and Ifora for Ansar Dine (Defenders of Faith) — and hold separate ideologies and objectives, observers say.

“Divisions are appearing within the armed Tuareg rebel groups,” said Malian journalist Tiegoum Boubeye Maiga.

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16 Replies to “The Balkanization/Somalification of the world due to Islam continues apace”

  1. Just a comment… If our foolish western leaders and arms manufacturers didn’t sell weapons (and our souls) to mahoundians, could that inbred bedouin savage pictured in the article ever have gotten his hands on such military hardware if he (and the rest of those of his ilk) had had to rely on islam to design and build anything like that? Of course not.

    Mahoundians would still be using swords, sticks, stones and catapults to wage jihad against any infidel if they had relied solely on islam’s “science-friendliness” (rather than on infidel gullibility, greed, ignorance and suicidal tendencies) to produce their own weapons.

  2. Tribal warfare is one of the reasons the Europeans managed to colonize so much of Africa, looks like it is once again arising which is good for our side.

    Proud_Kafir7908 the arms sales were a political decision, by selling arms to the North African nations we kept them (in some cases moved them from) becoming client states of the Soviets. I know most of you have been taught that the Soviets were never a threat but that is another lie of the left. The Soviets were trying to conquer the world just as the Moslems currently are, the Moslems are using tactics that were developed by the Soviets and almost succeeded. This includes attacking and denigrating everyone who is opposing their conquest. Since the fall of the Soviet Union the Marxists of various strips and started calling themselves progressives and are busy helping the Moslems tear down the west. If you check the back issues of the papers the politicians who are kissing the Moslems butts are the same ones who kept saying the Soviets weren’t a threat.

    Never get so focused on one threat you can’t see the others, many people recognized the danger of arming the Moslems but the danger of letting them fall into the Soviet camp was much worse. In the 20th Century the communists murdered over 150 million people, many people who studied that time period think that number is too small.

  3. Communism was defeated by Muslim barbarism. The willingness of Afghans to mutilate captured Soviet soldiers and mutilate them badly, broke their fighting spirit. Communism didn’t have euthanasia to offer them an escape from their earthly hell. After all, euthanasia is a Nazi practice. The killing of handicapped German children by Hitler did more to break the foundations of Communism, than all his Anti-Semitism. Eternal hell and euthanasia are the main weapons of my religion. My religion combines the strongest features of Islam and National-Socialism. The Dutch love death even more than the Muslim. The Dutch invented suicide bombing.

  4. Richard, I’ve always seen the Soviets as a threat to the West. They were also the major architects of the fact-erasing, anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist narrative that has made most of the world disregard documented history in favor of the fairy tale of the so-called “palestinian” people, never mentioned once in any documents prior to the Six-Day War. 45 years after that war, those helping to set the record straight once again are referred to as “revisionists” by the orphans of the USSR and other assorted islamophiles when they remind the world that the fakestinians have always been just Arabs, and nothing else.

  5. The Soviets were defeated by President Reagan standing up to them and starting a new arms race (missile defense) that drove the Soviets bankrupt. Yes I know the Moslems take credit for this, they can get away with this because the left refuses to say anything good about President Reagan.

  6. They feared death, and there were some in the leadership who were thinking that they could lose the Cold War and slowly make a comeback to win in the end. Look at Putin, while I think he wants be Czar others think he wants to bring back communism. The Russian Communists wanted and still want to control the entire world, they don’t want to destroy it. The decision of what type of government Russia is going to have is still being made.

  7. There are a lot of very smart people who think this, if you take a good look at what is happening in Russia you can see evidence of this, of course the same thing would be happening if Putin decides to declare himself Czar. We don’t have the evidence to know what really happened, just informed speculation, and all of the conclusions are scary.

  8. I have always loved reading history and during that time period I was either in the Army or young enough to go back into the Army if there was a war, I had a vested interest in learning what was going on.

  9. To an extent all wars are wars of information, the left and the Moslems have learned this and are busy putting people to sleep. The West needs something like the WWII “Why We Fight” series.

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