The face of soft-totalitarianism. The horror is below the surface.

There is always a reason to pass draconian laws and destroy peoples freedom. Always. When you debate your left wing or for that matter your right wing friends, when you ask about a law they like they will always have an explanation as to why that particular limit on your freedom has to exist but perhaps the one they dont like does not.

The thing that really sickens me, is how the new face of totalitarianism, the slow gentle creeping and ever sanctimonious and smug faces and voices so common now in Canada and the US, replace the more familiar Stalins and Pol Pots we are so used to, with guns and starvation. These guys one pen stroke at a time are trying to create a utopia not based on science but on assumptions using faux and crypto-enviornmentalism and of course, the old-standby, ‘public health’ to make sure your behavior always conforms to the current political fashion. These people bank on your rational risk-benifit. They know that so long as its slow, and one thing at a time, just like the Muslim brotherhood and their ‘Milestones’ project to force Islamic sensibilities on us, that we won’t risk what freedom and wealth we have to fight these annoying little regulations that are foisted upon us one, after the other, after the other.

From draconian smoking bylaws to transfats to plastic bags and it will not stop there. This is fashion not science. And it is the totalitarian-utopian impulse being observed by politicians not a genuine attempt to husband or administer a society of free men.

After you watch the clip above, please take the 20 odd minutes and watch the excellent Penn & Teller TV episode on recycling. But you know what? Even if recycling was a good thing, it is still wrong to force it or ban plastic bags. The citizens of Toronto should heap dog feces in mountains on the steps and lawns of city hall till they remember just how useful plastic bags can be.


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5 Replies to “The face of soft-totalitarianism. The horror is below the surface.”

  1. The hardest tyranny to prevent or end is the soft tyranny of people saying they are pushing you around for your own good, once they manage to convince you to let them mess with you they continue until you have no freedom and are unable to even protest because that has been made illegal.

  2. I recycle aluminum and other metals, I do this by taking them to the scrap yard and selling them, this gives me extra money and I don’t have to pay the city to haul them off, or pay the city to sell them to a scrap yard.

  3. Recycle bottles cost about twice as much to use as raw minerals but if I don’t turn them in I lose my money I paid to get the bottles in the first place.

    It is a scam that I am forced to be a part of. I have always known about this crap.

    The land fill argument the socialists throws at me has always stumped me I like that methane produces clean energy. nice

  4. If this idiot doesn’t want the plastic bags to go to the dump, I have a suggestion as to where they could go . . .
    Thanks for following this story with the Penn & Teller segment on recycling. I had seen this before. Toronto council would be well advised to have a look and learn something.

  5. Personally, I’m fed up with throwing trash out that the garbage men can’t be bothered to take away just because I can’t be bothered to put them in the right container.
    I don’t sort out my own garbage, in the same way that I don’t scuffle through my own feces and sort the turds into different categories according to their length or shape. I flush them away and pay someone else (the Water board) to deal with it. I pay Local Government good money to take my trash away, why should I do half the job for them?
    I do believe in being considerate to others and would never throw anything away that’s too dangerous or harmful, but the way they expect you to sort out ‘this’ and not throw away ‘that’, anyone would think I was chucking out plutonium on a regular basis!

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