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3 Replies to “Ezra Levant shines a much needed light on the Iranian sponsored, pro Khomeini love-fest at Carleton U this month”

  1. They are aiming at the kids, they know if they can keep the kids ignorant about what Khomeini was really like they can convince them the people like us are the evil ones rather then the jihadists.

  2. Only one comment on this. What has happened to the intelligence of our professors in this country? Too many of them have totally lost their common sense. Our university students are in great perils under these baffoons and our society will suffer.

  3. The far left took over the Universities, this stopped the Professors from thinking and started them blindly following what others have said. Look at how the Occupy people act when you start the “peoples microphone”, they are blindly following and parroting others with their minds turned off.

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