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3 Replies to “Terrorism in Quebec. 7 packages sent to Quebec media and politicians”

  1. Not even God himself could dream up some of this madness…..I imagine there are times when He can be heard muttering under his breath…….

    “So this is what they do with Free Will….I should have never have said let there be light…….”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Only God can defeat terrorism. Only when the Muslim understands he will burn in hell for his terrorism, and will be sodomized for all eternity by Allah, he will give up his terrorism. The Muslim is a hypocrite. He whines like a baby when the infidel kills him. Why? Doesn’t he get virgins? Why is he whining? The hypocrisy of Islam destroys itself in Syria. If the Muslim doesn’t listen, God will strike him with even more civil wars, all over the Muslim world.

  3. The silly season is upon us, unfortunately we see vicious things like this and incredible stupidity before major wars, what we don’t normally see is so much work to destroy our culture. This is what is civilization to fall (if it does) and a New Dark Age.

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