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11 Replies to “Belgium classical liberal, Filip Dewinter, puts a bounty on Burkas”

  1. Better than that, would be to offer a reward to anyone who reports that an “honor killing” may take place within their housing unit or house block!

  2. If you attack the burqa, you attack the right of women to choose their own clothing. Do you want that, Western man? Respect the right of women how to dress, and you will defeat Islam. I hate Islam. I take the right hand of the Muslim who steals from a non-Muslim. But I respect women’s rights.

  3. Columnist,
    It is nothing to do with not respecting of women’s right, but everything to do with respecting their law . What the Western men and women want is a respect for and abiding by the law of the land. If someone want to change the law they have the means to do that. If they can not do it, tough luck.
    As for your hatred of Islam, it is your hatred but not mine. I don’t hate Islam and I am quite sure majority of “western man and woman” do not hate it.

  4. Columnist:

    The burqa is a means for Islamic men to control women both Muslim and Non-Muslim women (they are all required to wear it under Sharia law)

    Yes, there maybe some Islamic women that want to be a slave to their husband and enjoy it but is slavery what we should be promoting?

  5. katia:

    Columnist is arguing the merits of the law which is perfectly understandable
    I just don’t agree with him.

    Do I hate Islam? No I do not. I think real war is the most likely way things will come to be. But the best thing that could happen in my opinion is if Islam started to evolve as Christianity and Judaism did. So Hate is the wrong word here in my opinion. Words like: Distrust, no respect and dislike are the better words I would describe Islam. Other then the fact Islam is a Race … to the dark ages.

  6. As a moderate Klansman who has a black wife and loves all people regardless of their ethnicity I feel that we klansmen and women have been discriminated against for far too long. I feel as loving and moderate klansman the pressure not to wear my cultural southern American regalia. Enough is enough! Let the muslims feel the restriction that is normal for me. Oh and before you ask my wife is allowed into kkk barbecue meetings! Hell! she is the hostess!

  7. Moderate KKK you are on the wrong site. If not I am on the wrong site.

    in the 1920’s was the hay day of the Klan my great grandfather was in the Klan when nearly 20% of the US population was in the Klan. They were the strong arm thugs of the Democrat party they did whatever the party leaders told them.

    They have always been the thugs with the exception of their early creation. They were the Militia when there were no police. That is what the movie “the birth of a nation” was about. Woodrow Wilson was a Klansman they both inspired a lot of idiots to join the Klan and they got into something they knew very little about. Woodrow Wilson laws and what they inspired created a great deal of hardships this country will never get past I am afraid. Thanks to my miss guided grandfathers generation we got Obama.

    I know what the Klan is and I want no part of it at all.

  8. If Muslim men use the burqa to control women, God will destroy them utterly. If they lie that the woman wears it voluntarily, after their death they will find out they have been lied to. The constant lying makes trust impossible, and aggravates the war in Syria. God has powerful ways to punish evil people, both on earth and in the afterlife.

  9. OxAO I agree that the best thing would be a reformed Islam, unfortunately this is for all practical purposes is impossible, the Koran is suppose to be the literal word of God, which means it can’t be changed and thus no reformation.

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