Man bites dog. Buddhists attack Muslims in response to rape of Buddhist girl


Buddhist Mob Beats 10 Muslims To Death In Myanmar; Communal Violence Spreads

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June 5, 2012 3:42 AM EDT

Tensions flared in northwestern Myanmar after 10 Muslims were beaten to death by a mob of Buddhist vigilantes Sunday in retaliation to the rape and murder of a girl allegedly by Muslim men.

About 300 people belonging to the Buddhist majority stopped a bus carrying Muslims from a religious gathering, dragged 10 of them out and beat them to death before burning the vehicle in Taunggup, in the state of Rakhine, 300 kilometers north of Yangon, the state television reported.

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18 Replies to “Man bites dog. Buddhists attack Muslims in response to rape of Buddhist girl”

  1. These men are blessed. The killed Muslims burn in hell for all eternity. God exists and he humiliates Allah constantly. Allah burns in hell because he rebelled against Iblis. Iblis gave the world to the European and if anyone considers this unfair, he will be destroyed, here, and in the hereafter. Iblis is the creator and can do with his creation as he pleases.

  2. It’s called karma, it’s also called retribution or payback and may we see much, much more of it in the future. People need to stand up and fight back and that’s exactly what we’re starting to see happen.

  3. @ “Columnist”
    What are you ranting about? You are aware that “iblis” means satan or devil? What makes you think “Iblis”” gave the world to the European(s)” or ” is the creator and can do with his creation as he pleases”. That’s not part of any religion I’m aware of. Exactly whose side are you on?

  4. Slowly, ever so slowly……around the world and on every continent….glowing embers of sullen outrage, indignation and anger are bursting into flames….and did the muslims expect anything less?

    Not content to co-exist peacefully with their neighbors, they, the muslims, have embarked on a course of action that now has the attention of the entire world.

    But it has not always been this way in Canada….it was quieter, much quieter, before our recent guests arrived…..

    I grew up in areas of large cities and smaller towns, in provinces across Canada, that were multicultural long before multiculturalism became the grotesque cancer it is today.

    I grew up with Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Koreans, Poles, Eastern Slavs, Ukrainians, Germans, Portuguese, Italians, Russians, Hindu’s and a wide variety of North American Indians……..and without exception we all got along very well together…….

    Later in life I worked and soldiered with this same diverse group. To say that my life would have been better without these people and the friendships I made would be an outrageous lie.

    From my slavering lust for Genoa salami and mortadella sandwiches….to plates of Chow Mein….to plates running rivers with curry and wedges of Naan bread…to sauerkraut and perogies heaped with bacon, sour cream and fried onions….to steaming bowls of Pho soup laced with eye watering chili sauce….to bratwurst and schnitzel….to potine and tourtiere……to souvlaki and baclava drenched in honey….. to plates of buttered egg noodles dripping with paprika laced goulash… slices of toasted bannock and thick, juicy moose meat steaks…… to dusty rodeos and chuck wagon races and beaming rodeo queens….to big loud noisy Italian weddings with ringing church bells……to bustling open air markets along Danforth where haggling is an art form…to Chinatown with storefront windows draped with BBQ-ed pork and whole chickens and ducks….to the Chinese medicine stores with all manner of strange wonders in glass jars.

    To those who chose to worship and live differently like the Hutterites who would, hawking their wares, wander down our blocks following pick-up trucks loaded with fresh chickens and vegetables……….to the brightly painted Buddhist temples with prayers flags snapping in the breeze……to those who could not speak without wild gesticulations like the Italians……to Catholic cathedrals with stirring choirs……to the bags of roasted chestnuts sold by ruddy faced old men warming their hands over the flames from cart mounted roasting pans……to the quiet battles waged in parks over chess and checkers by chain smoking old men rubbing foreheads………to my classmates, every single one, as, in September 1972, we rose screaming from our desks at school when Paul Henderson scored the winning goal in the Canada/Russia series and acquitted Canada in glorious fashion…… and all of this, from Cape Spear to Long Beach….from Inuvik to Coutts….all of this bound together by a national anthem……”Oh Canada”….. all of this bound by a fierce pride and quiet gratitude in being Canadian……it was unspoken but it coursed through our veins….each and every one of us.

    How far we have come from that…….now we are gifted with the “Hyphenated Canadian”……..

    And of all the Hyphenated-Canadians, as despicable as they are for their self entitled arrogance, selfishness and haughty demands for accommodation and capitulation to their every whim and desire….for their manipulations of our immigration laws and regulations and welfare benefits…..of all of them, rising from the masses with a new standard of arrogance and entitlement….. are the muslims.

    Muslims…..almost singular in their outrageous and injurious behavior….almost singular in their desire to destruct, to destroy and to divide, their vexing malevolence knows no bounds.

    From Valley Park Middle School where little girls are treated as human garbage for their menstruation’s, treated as such in accordance with the edicts of vile, poisonous old men…… the Toronto 18 plotting a festival mass murder and terror……….to the slaughter of children and wives to assuage the delicately bruised egos of brutish, cowardly neanderthals wrapped in the cloak and rhetoric of religious propriety……to the blackened eyes of errant housewives, a reflection of her insufficiencies of housework, culinary skills or sexual performance…… the assaults on our culture and customs and traditions…….to the mosques and madrassahs, shrilly demanding public funding and secretly instilling a seething hatred of the “filthy, unbelieving Kufar” and the “evil conniving Jew”………oh yes………muslims, ever the community players…..ever the lovers of peace…..have followed, to the letter, the murderous ramblings and poisonous lies of the greatest madman to ever walk the face of this planet…..muhammad.

    Let us not forget the thinly and not so thinly veiled threats of violence and the vigorous programs of lawfare as they use our criminal justice system, tribunals and avenues of civil litigation as personal weapons of intimidation.

    Their efforts, these muslims, these malcontents, are hardly inclusive, hardly harmonious as they seek out the protections afforded those full participants in a democracy, afforded citizens who truly are injured and seek redress. They use those protections to harass and injure us with specious and vexatious claims… that overly litigious, thin skinned, vile little puffed up, pretentious, Pakistani peacock, Syed B. Soharwardy……..the vulgar little “Cartoon Cowboy of Calgary”………with his insipid ramblings….a vulgar little man who drained a couple of million dollars of tax-payers money away funding an Alberta Human Rights Commission witch hunt…..a witch hunt to mend his battered muslim sense of propriety. How utterly wretched….. how utterly muslim.

    In short, as reflected in Western countries around the globe, there is no other group who has so tirelessly, so unswervingly and so diligently, assaulted the very men and women who opened their doors to them and offered them little else but kindness, generosity and hospitality.

    This video above…is, on an international scale, the growing backlash they have so diligently cultivated. Now, they can be scarcely heard to complain……its a backlash they richly deserve.

    In closing….trouble me not with arguments about the “Good Muslim”……in their absence and in their silence and in their refusal to publicly and loudly condemn the murderous hobbies of their brethren can be found volumes truthfully spoken to their sullen complicity and wholehearted agreement with the same.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  5. Well what do you expect from a religion that never left the middle ages?? It is a religion that believes that only they have the right to exist,well it depends which brand of Islam the Sunni and the Shia consider each other apostates and heretics. They kill each other so can you expect them to treat non-Muslims better??. They turn their god Allah into a pimp and bar tender,a god who rewards the killing of one of his children by the other as a deed worthy of Eden,you ac not expect to reason with unreasonable people.they believe that the Koran is gods word and what ever it says is indisputable. Those of them that try to impose their sick ideology in any form or fashion should be sent to their decrepit god as soon as possible

  6. People are getting tired of the Moslems, this is what I have been expecting, the common people raising up and defending their religions, cultures and countries. History has shown that this is what saves countries, not the leaders but the little people coming together to defend what they love.

  7. The Islam will be destroyed by the following words:”Four wives are not enough”. If a Muslim denies these words, he is making his sexual urges his god, not morality, or the proper functioning of society. It may sound contradictory, but I don’t have sexual reasons for polygamy, but moral, social and religious. Monogamy leads to the murder of women and children. I am utterly sexually satisfied. I am calm and contended.

  8. It had to start somewhere,they are on a hiding to nothing as they are in the Minority,go for you guys,send them a straight Message,and that Message being..”we will not tolerate your Centuries old behaviour”,hope the young Lady manages to pull through o.k..

  9. The Muslims should be very afraid. We are getting sick of their threats to kill all infidels. It seems the Buddists are sick of the Muslims disregard for the sanctity of life.

  10. muslims are servants of Iblis (Satan).

    muslims’ evilness has not limits, but this time they received their punish.

  11. muslims are servants of Iblis (Satan).

    muslims’ evilness has not limits, but this time they received their punishment.

  12. I am feeling more and more that the jihad is finally faltering. Saudi is going to go in to financial decline until it ends up like Yemen starting it decline from about 2026 due to the fact that their oil is half depleted now. Iran had had their nuclear programme destroyed by STUXNET virus. It too has the same oil depletion woes on top of an aging population. Ordianary people are sick of islam and stand up to the bully boys of Allah. Isreal goes on growing from strength to strength and has a higher GDP per capita than Saudi. India and China are creating a power bloc that also will be defeated but the Muslims can not even sort out little Burma with this backlash against the Muzzies. These Burmese warriors have shown the turning point.

  13. China and India are due for a clash, not an alliance. In 1960 China stole several hundred thousand square miles of India, now China is claiming another chunk about the same size. The alliance over there is the old Cold War one, China and Russia, they hate each other but know that they have to destroy the west before either one can become the major power.

  14. Islam will be destroyed by an aging population. Only euthanasia can save them. A clash between India and China can only be avoided by new religions. The same holds for China and Russia. If Russia allies itself with Iran, it will be sucked into the Syrian sinkhole. They will come under the same judgement as America. Only the adoption of a new religious system with new values can save the planet.

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