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2 Replies to “Thank Freaking god there is at least a few artists who remember what freedom actually means. Free Asia Bibi”

  1. What can you say about a country that has huge violent protests against the concept of minority rights? Pakistanis simply don’t believe in the things that we believe in and we had better get used to that. They like being able to bully Christians and Hindus, to be able to rape their women and steal from them in business, to make them take the lowest of jobs and then cheat them on their lowly pay. That’s just what the majority of people are like in Pakistan. When will we get over the fact that not everyone believes in the Golden Rule? Mohammed believed in Muslims first and everybody else last and that is exactly what his religion teaches. Why is that so utterly impossible for us to say?

  2. If they didn’t have nuclear weapons we would be fighting them, and probably will end up fighting them anyway.

    Freedom has never been free, it has always been paid for with the blood of patriots, warriors, martyrs and tyrants. The wanna be tyrants in the world should remember this, once the free people wake up the are much stronger and more resolute then the tyrants.

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