A half truth is the damnedest of lies. The NYT attempts to write on the Bonn Riots in May

Once again, the MSM, the New York Times being the most MSM of them all, utterly fabricate the narrative and tell their own story at the expense of the truth. The facts are that those who demonstrated against the salafists are in favor of freedom of speech, of equal treatment for women and for all before the law. What we should call ‘classical liberals’ and what in the 1950s would have likely been called ‘commie pinkos’ by some on the right in the US. The “far right” the media is constantly referring to, should more correctly be applied to a group of people that feel:

1. Women are made by Allah as deficient and the testimony of 2 women is barely equal to one man

2. Hatred of Jews is central dogma

3. That scriptural law should be supreme at the expense of all liberal and democratic methods of governance.

In other words, the Muslims.

 New York Times:

Henning Kaiser/DPA, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Police searched a man who attended a demonstration called by a Muslim Salafist movement against the small extreme-right party, the Pro-NRW, in Bonn on May 5.

Published: June 4, 2012

BONN — The people who live in the trim row houses with well-tended gardens that line the streets of this spa town along the Rhine like to boast of their city’s tolerance as the onetime home to dozens of foreign embassies, when Bonn served as capital of West Germany.

Click to continue this partial white wash of premeditated Salafist rioting in Bonn Germany in may to find the odd gem like this:

“But at some point, she noticed several young men stuffing their pockets with the small slate chips that line the garden along her exterior wall.

“I went over to fuss at them and one turned and threw the stones back in my face,” she said. Her husband pulled her inside to safety.”

in otherwise classic NYT white washing treatment of classical liberals being attacked by ultra conservative Muslims.

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10 Replies to “A half truth is the damnedest of lies. The NYT attempts to write on the Bonn Riots in May”

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the MSM has adopted the term “Salafist” to denote Muslim jihadists? Presumably CAIR will complain soon about semi-accurate language in news reporting and Salafist will go away.

  2. A warning to those who twist the truth – those who call fascists, freedom fighters and freedom fighters, fascists.
    It will all end in tears. You have yanked the tail of the grizzly bear, you have wrapped the anaconda around your neck and you have placed your head in the mouth of the lion.
    Be warned. Destiny has prepared a nasty surprise for you!

  3. Reality is about to slap everyone in the face, some of us are prepared for the slap and will ride the blow with little damage, others who have been paying attention to the MSM are going to be damaged when they discover some of the lies they have been told.

  4. “Salafists” is just another escape hatch for the crafty scoundrels of the enemedia, who are hell-bent on keeping the myth of the “tiny minority of excremists” alive.

    But the truth can no longer be denied; the truth will out and their deceit becomes more an more obvious.

    People in Germany have already resorted to collecting data on the worst offenders in the journaillie, and the files of “Nuremberg II” are growing faster than the new world trade centre in NYC.

    We will bring them to justice!

  5. I have an issue with regards to anything evil is call ‘conservative”

    But the Salafist movement which i haven’t heard that term before isn’t a bad one.
    I have been calling it the ‘true Islam.” This movement has been growing they are the ones that believe in execution for every offense and so on. You can see their number in statistics when asked Muslims in general if they agreed with Bin Ladin and so on.

    I do think it is relevant that the media has taken notice of this group it is about time in my opinion. I am sure they underestimate how large the group is now.

  6. Bang on Richard.

    In fact, there have been some minor disagreements between Al Queda and Ikhwan for instance, on occasion, and at times AQ wanted to cool it and Ikhwan was issuing go to war orders. But they are all happily in agreement now. Islam is at war with us. And that is that.

  7. That is right, a lot of people are counting on the fight between the various sects to help us win. What is ignored is that those same problems existed during the crusades and all of the Islamic sects and they still banded together to fight us.

    Many people that comment make much of the way inbreeding causes a lowering of the average IQ of a group, what they ignore is how it also causes some of the group to increase their IQ. While the average Moslem have a lower IQ then the average Westerner their leaders (the cream raises to the top) are intelligent and know how to play to the Western media, and how to play the MSM like a violin.

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