AD succeeded in getting access to one of the checks issued by king Mohammed VI: Morocco is financing the building of mosques in France.

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According to article 220 of the moroccan criminal code, christians who engage in proselytism in the moroccan kingdom have to face penalties of up to 6 years behind bars, churches are closed and foreigner christians are expelled if they dare to publicly display their faith. Moroccans have no right to convert to another religion, and according to the constitution, a christian is not allowed to get moroccan citizenship.

Meanwhile the building of mosques in France and its control by Morocco (and other muslim countries) increases. This is about a territorial conquest of the zones under muslim colonization which are multiplying mainly in France, but alsoin other european cities.

After the building of the great mosques in Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Etienne, which were financed by Morocco, now it is the turn of the town of Blois. A mosque and a madrassa in being built on a 1500 square meter plot of land. The king of Morocco donated 787.000 euros to help finishing the building of the complex.

The building of the “Bilal cultural and religious centre”, begun 2 years ago, was at a standstill. The first 600.000 euros collected by the regional muslim community were entirely spent. On the occasion of a private visit of the King of Morocco to one of his numerous properties in France, he was handed over a report explaining the details about the project and the difficulties the project was going through. The king’s reaction was positive and he donated the money needed to end the project

More than 30.000 muslims live in that region: Moroccans, Argelians, Turks and Africans of different nationalities. The founding stone was laid down in december 11, 2009. The mosque will have an area of 1500 square meters,including a prayer hall of 450 square meters and a 9.20 meters high minaret.

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4 Replies to “AD succeeded in getting access to one of the checks issued by king Mohammed VI: Morocco is financing the building of mosques in France.”

  1. This is nothing but colonisation and territorial conquest by non-military means, and none of the despicable, cowardly Euro-elites even so much as bat an eye. Even knowing Morroco and other muslim nations do not allow churches to be contructed, the Euro-tards care less. Now France has a socialist president. This situation is so surreal as to be downright nihilist.

  2. @Randy above, was just about to say the same thing!! Why is no one calling them out on this?? Is this some kind of sick lefty guilt trip? BTW, Hollande is called the first mozlem president of France because, in a tight race, the mozlem vote – apparently 93% mozlems voted for Hollande – gave him the winning ticket!
    Contrarily, the Turks are not suffering this ridiculous stuff about their previous/current colonisation of countries and are doing all they can to wrest half of Europe into their grasp!

  3. The Moslems are trying to win by lawfare what they couldn’t win by warfare, well things are happening that will once again force them to use warfare and that is where they will lose all they have gained

  4. @cassandravictoria, I think it is a part of the process of what Bat Y’or defined as Eurabia. The problem is, the socialist Euro elites harbor the conceit that they can somehow mitigate the process. A marriage made in hell. Socialist rule by directive utopianism with muslim theo-political supremacism.

    As with far too many marriages involving muslim males, we all know the horrible consequences for the disgarded females. What is true on a psychological level is often true on a sociological level as well.

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