Middle East: Militants planning to assassinate parliament speaker


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Beirut, 1 June (AKI) – The head of the United Nations peace keeping troops in Lebanon has warned the Lebanese military intelligence service of a plan to assassinate speaker of the parliament Nabih Berri, according to a news reports.

General Paolo Serra tipped off the Lebanese on information he received from Italian intelligence, according to the al-Hayat pan-Arab daily.

Five Al-Qaeda-linked militants residing in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon planned the attack that would have killed Berri while he travels from his home to parliament in central Beirut, reports said.

In an interview on al-Manar television, Berri said that he had summoned top Palestinian leader Azzam al-Ahmed, member of Fatah’s Central Committee, to brief him on the available information, which were reported by “three sources.”

Berri confirmed during a parliamentary meeting on 16 May the existence of a list of politicians and other figures targeted for assassination by extremist groups.

“Nobody accepts the presence of these groups in (Palestinian refugee) camps,” warning that “this issue might push the country into the unknown.” Berri said during the al-Manar interview.





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