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4 Replies to “Ayaan Hirsi Ali wins Axel-Springer award for Freedom 2012”

  1. She is an example of hypergamy. As dark women rank rather low in the muslim harem, she has far better reproductive prospects by siding with the West, having the chance of becoming the mother of powerful people in the West.

  2. The ger left rly hates everything with Axel Springer written on it and it’s probably no coincidence, imo. Oh and @ Columnist: What the?! 😉

  3. Something is not sitting right here… there seems to have been a toning down of her speech. I think she should not bounce ideas off her husband if this is the effect … Aayan let your Dutch forthrightness shine do not play strategic British wiffle waffle politics … or before you know what has happened you will have played into the hands of the politically correct

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