“Get Ready to Bury Your Children”

From Gates of Vienna:

We’ve reported in the past about Imran Firasat, the apostate from Islam who now lives in exile in Spain. His petition to ban the Koran in Spain has aroused the ire of Islamic zealots both in Europe and in his home country, Indonesia.

The campaign against him has escalated to the point where the lives of his children are being threatened. Below is a report from MinutoDigital, as translated by our Spanish correspondent Hermes:

Islamist threats increase against Imran Firasat and his family

The tireless fight started by the apostate Imran Firasat against totalitarian Islamic ideology has begun to create problems for this citizen with political refugee status in Spain, and also for his children living in Indonesia.

Because of its undeniable informative value, we reproduce the letter from Imran, and the copies of the complaints he filed, and the threats he received from Muslim organizations. In spite of the gravity of the situation, the Spanish authorities did not pay much attention to him, a fact which he reports in the following document:

“I am Imran Firasat from Madrid. Since I arrived in Spain, for six years I’ve been receiving death threats and intimidation involving possible physical aggression from Muslims for opposing the violent ideology of Islam and exposing Mohammed’s filthy character. In recent years I filed various reports with the police and the courts. Up until now I did not pay much attention to the threats.

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