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PANTHIC.ORG  | Published on May 30, 2012


Sikhs block off a main road outside Luton Police station in protest against an attack on a Punjabi girl
Sikhs block off a main road outside Luton Police station in protest against an attack on a Punjabi girl

LUTON, UK (KP) –  On Tuesday evening, hundreds of Sikh protesters rallied together and protested outside Luton Police Station after a Punjabi female teenager was allegedly sexually assaulted by a 19-year-old Pakistani male on Monday night.

The Sikh community strongly believes that this attack was racially motivated, and is one of the many and growing body of evidences of activity within the Muslim community, however, small or isolated, which preys upon vulnerable Sikh females in an organised way and actively encourages this.  The attacker was identified as Anan Majid Basharat a local youth from the Luton neighborhood.

According to locals, the girl had been groomed and manipulated for sometime before the sexual attack. Both the victim and accused were students of Icknield High School, which is dominated with a Muslim majority. According to sources, the family had been to the police a numerous number of times in regards to the manipulation and grooming tactics being used by radical Islamists, however Bedfordshire Police force failed to take any action and failed to realize the historically linked hate crime.

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  1. In my religion, the Sikh is allowed to groom Muslim girls. In fact, it is a holy duty to do so. It is even better to use her to breed little Sikhs. The proof of my Prophethood is the civil war in Syria. Islam is bleeding to death like Theo van Gogh, like a sheep. Allah is cut in half.

  2. The Sikhs know what they are facing, how to organize and take effective action. They have centuries of experience of oppression at the hands of Muslims. Non-Muslims will stand with them now, or suffer alongside them later.

  3. I think the moral to the story is that the Sikhs and the Christians and the Jews and the Hindus and whoever else wants to join up need to come together and end this scourge of humanity. But it is probably going to take a lot of faith to get it done and in the end, a whole new set of problems will pop up….but we can deal that then.

  4. One result of the current mess is going to be a return of the Church Militant, not just Christian Churches but the Sikhs, the Jews, the Hindus and the other religions that believe in self defense. As with the left and their attempt to create a civil/race war in the US, the Moslems are creating the forces that will destroy them.

  5. Well all Europeans have a history of revolting when the “elite” go too far, wanna bet it won’t happen again?

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