Muslims. The choosiest beggars and least grateful of all the people in the history of the world.

…and when you think most Muslims came to the west as refugees from Muslim countries, or even if they were mere migrants and not refugees, you still would expect a modicum of respect, and yes, even gratitude. What you get is riots if they don’t like the food in the refugee camps and this:

It is quite stunning how in the same short scene in one video Choudary can talk about how Islam and sharia will be imposed on all unbelievers no matter how much we like it or do not, and a few breaths later talks about how Muslims are oppressed everywhere as if suddenly that is a bad thing. Clearly he loves oppression. It just has to be by Muslims.

An article on this from Gatestone::

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6 Replies to “Muslims. The choosiest beggars and least grateful of all the people in the history of the world.”

  1. Regarding Theo van Gogh, Islam itself is bleeding to death in Syria. The Muslim will burn in hell, unless he repents, and converts to my religion. In my religion, a man can have more than four wives. However, the Arab will be a mawali, and never be allowed to marry European women.

  2. Choudary, the puerile little gnome that he is, loves being part of this charade. Like shit in a field, he gets everywhere!
    Honestly, he has to be the Muslim world’s equivalent of Lady Gaga. Stick him on stage in a costume and he would love it! Oh, sorry, I forgot, the chubby little turd already wears a costume.
    As most people know already, he is a failed lawyer, unable to make it in the real world, so he tries to be a star in the fantasy Islamic world. Unfortunately for the idiot, he is nothing more than a chattering little gossip – a big mouthed, confused dickhead with delusions of grandeur. He’d love to be a jihadi, but unfortunately for him, he’s too fat and too slow to make a convincing suicide-bomber. The last time he wore a vest was when his mother made him wear one, in case he caught a cold.
    Fuck off, Andy Choudary, you’re nothing but a puffed up little prick, which to be fair is what your idol and schoolboy crush, the Prophet Mohammed was. However, unlike Mohammed who is destined to go down in history as the most evil creep that ever lived, you Andy, if you’re remembered at all, are destined to be remembered as the ‘Clown Prince of Islam’, the jihadi equivalent of the bed-wetter.
    Just go away, you nauseating little man! You used to be funny, but now you’re as tiresome as a boil on a buttock!

  3. Thankyou for the constant stream of information. I want you to know that I can’t bring myself to watch videos like this because they are so vile.
    It occured to me that we must be carefull not to become mesmerised by their constant murderous ravings and remember to take a step back and remember who we are.
    I rely on your interpretations to inform me what these throwbacks are up to.

  4. The Church Militant is being reborn, check out the new movie For Greater Glory to see what people who refuse to submit can achieve.

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