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4 Replies to “Robert Spencer: ‘Making Muslims look bad’”

  1. Why anyone would ever bother to go on Marxist Socialist News Butchering Channel is beyond me. Thats how they roll over there in commie la-la land. They get their little click of thugs to shout you down.

  2. Ironically Eltahawy ends her piece by saying that the cause of misogyny in the Islamic world is not the product of Islam and that Westerners should not try to help the women of Egypt. She also calls Rick Santorum the “American Salafi”. Above all other things Eltahawy is about self-promotion.


    Eltahawy starts by criticizing moral relativism and then refers to Rick Santorum as the American Salafi. You don’t get any more morally relativist than that. She also tries to apologize for Islam and Egyptian culture and basically is saying that misogyny in the Muslim world is the product of men generally. While I do think she is genuinely concerned about the rights of Muslim women relative to Muslim men she is quick to apologize for the source of the misogyny she is condemning.

    It’s also interesting to note that her previous commentary on the “Arab Spring” was completely wrong. She basically said that it was going to be the equivalent of the civil rights movement in the U.S. in 1963. It has turned out to be a strict Islamic Theocratic movement opposed to civil rights not in favor of them.

    As far as her being a moral relativist is concerned she wrote this particularly vile piece a year ago:

    “No dignity at Ground Zero”

    “As a US Muslim I abhor the frat boy reaction. We should be celebrating the Arab spring, not this”


    She was also a supporter of the “Ground Zero mosque” also known as “Park 51”. As she said in one of her articles:

    “I stayed to give my middle finger to Tea Partiers who tried to
    intimidate a group of us in 2010 because we supported the right of an Islamic community centre to build near the site of the attacks.
    They came to bully us and I bullied them right back. I wanted them to
    know Muslims will not be intimidated so think twice before you try to
    bully another one.”

    Additionally all the “Islamophobes” that she complains about have been pointing out the misogyny of the Islamic world for years.

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