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8 Replies to “Lots more Ted”

  1. Thanks for this video. Happy to add it to my blog. Really enjoyed listening to Ted speak. I fully agree with him, if we lose our rights to bear arms, all of our other freedoms will be lost quickly. Its what Socialist Obama wants.

  2. The right to own and carry weapons is the right that protects all other rights.

    Am armed man is a free man. Robert Heinlein.

    A disarmed citizenry are slaves waiting for the chains to be slapped on. H. Beam Piper.

  3. A veteran is someone who once wrote a check that read, to the USA, everything up to and including my life.

    This is honor, unfortunately too many people don’t understand the term.

  4. I started listening to him speaks and lo’ and behold, it made so much sense that I felt compelled to listen to the whole thing. Now if only our politicians would have that kind of conviction and spirit.

  5. What you need are politicians who are close to the voters, ones the voters can punish. The left has worked hard to distance the politicians from the voters so they can convince the pols to ignore the voters. One of the ways they do this is by having all political campaigns government funded rather then funded by the voters contributions to the pols. With out having the money bomb to hold over their heads the pols decide the voters don’t know what is good for themselves.

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