Swastikas sprayed on ancient synagogue near Jericho

YNET News:

Worshippers discover Palestinian flags, ‘Palestine is ours’ slogans in synagogue in Naaran

Itamar Fleishman

Published: 05.25.12, 13:08 / Israel News

Swastikas, Palestinian flags and “Palestine is ours” slogans were spray-painted on the ancient synagogue in Naaran near Jericho overnight.

Public Diplomacy Minister Yuli Edelstein condemned the act and remarked it was no wonder the Palestinians desecrate an ancient synagogue “after destroying and desecrating Temple Mount remnants.”

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The Minister added, “The incident reaffirms the belief that Jewish holy sites must be under Israel’s sovereignty.”
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Desecrated synagogue in Naaran

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3 Replies to “Swastikas sprayed on ancient synagogue near Jericho”

  1. Of course none of this means anything, does it?
    If I so much as openly mention the evils of Islam, I am immediately brandished a racist Nazi, but the Palestinians can draw swastikas all over Jewish property and well that’s alright because they are nothing but poor, misunderstood, peaceful people who are obviously oppressed!

  2. The destruction of historical is one of the worst crimes in existence, without knowledge of the past how can anyone plot a safe course in the future?

  3. Israel is chronically guilty of disproportionate tolerance. This must end. Israelis Hasbara Department has a pitifully small budget and now that the whole world believes that country to be the biggest threat to world peace, they had better start winning the PR war.

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