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9 Replies to “CBN: Stakelbeck on Terror (current)”

  1. Very good, the news our of Belgium is bad but that nation hasn’t been lost yet, no nation will be lost if we do not surrender.

  2. Staklebeck is a cool bloke. Western nations need to broaden their interpretation of anti-terror legislation and act upon it, deporting or arresting allSharia advocates.

  3. Richard,

    Only recently we have lost Lebanon and Kosovo. I see no one fighting for these lands at this point other then the west for Sharia in Kosovo

  4. Be nice if they all protested like that with tape over their traps. Pretty much sums their position up in a nutshell. Not a goddamn worthwhile thing to say.

  5. Eric Stakelbeck needs to ditch the blue/white striped shirt – reminiscent of striped pj’s worn by Jews and others in Concentration Camps. Distracting.

  6. Point taken Ox, I was thinking and talking about Europe countries. Yes we have lost Kosovo and Lebanon, both before we started fighting back, and given the history of the Iberian peninsula those loses aren’t necessarily permanent.

    Remember that the European peace that has lasted since the end of WWII (yes I know the French rebellion in the 60s and the Balkans) has been the unusual not the norm, Europe is returning to the norm and this is probably going to off set the demographic change by the higher birth rate of the Moslems.

  7. What is unbelievable is that the countries currently being overtaken by Muslims are actually financing these takeovers through their social and welfare services. Cut off the financial support and this diabolical plan will collapse.

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