Is Amazon Boycotting Geert Wilders in Europe?

From Gates of Vienna:

We all know that Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, and other major Internet players tend to support the leftist trans-national politically correct agenda. Instances of suppression of conservative or “racist” opinions on sites controlled by these conglomerates are too numerous too mention here. But Amazon seemed to be different. If a book had potential buyers, then Amazon would sell it, regardless of its political slant.

Up until now. According to the report below from Politically Incorrect, the German branch of Amazon has excluded Geert Wilders’ new book from its listings, and the same seems to be true of at least some other European countries.

For would-be purchasers in Europe, there are ways around this, of course. Since the book is still available in the USA (for now), you can ask your American friends to buy it and ship it to you, and then reimburse them. Or maybe you can buy it directly yourself from Amazon USA and have it shipped across the Atlantic…? I don’t know if that’s the case, but if so, click here, or on the book image below, or on the ad on our sidebar.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article:

Is Amazon Europe Boycotting Wilders’ Book?

Marked for DeathThe new book by Geert Wilders, Marked for Death, is apparently neither being advertised nor offered in European Amazon. About two months before its publication date, it was possible to reserve the book on your Amazon wish list. In that space now, there is an empty window — without even a dust jacket. Unavailable. Then if you go to, you find out it no longer exists.

Only an audiobook is on offer — no other format. If you call up the book on and then substitute .de for .com in the address line, so you can order the same book in English, the message appears: “Sorry, the web address you have given does not exist on our website.” If you try this procedure with any other book in English, the “translation” from to works effortlessly, as always.

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6 Replies to “Is Amazon Boycotting Geert Wilders in Europe?”

  1. I’ve got the audio version through Amazon and it’s a terrific volume full of quotable facts. I will more than likely end up ordering the hard copy as well since it’s difficult to dog-ear and highlight audio-pages.

  2. Amazon posts items worldwide. I buy from them occasionally, though why would you when Barnes and Noble are much cheaper is beyond me.

    The Book Depository Ltd in the UK posts to the whole of Europe, so do Barnes and Noble

  3. They’re up, but it say 2-5 weeks until delivery, respectively “not in stock”. Not gonna have the fun now and search for Mein Kampf (overnight express?^^) Btw, Thilo Sarrazin also wrote another book, this time critical of the €uro, TV just informed me (they hate it).

  4. Hello Vlad…..its me……again…

    I had to special order both Robert Spencer’s new book “Did Muhammad Exist?” as well as Geert Wilders new book “Marked For Death”.

    Chapters did not stock it which no doubt gladdens the hearts and minds of muhammadans….so instead I have resolved to purchase all my books from a small downtown bookseller…….in fact I have purchased well over 2000.00 worth of books from them……and so be it……if they, the big box book sellers, want to play censor then let the chips fall where they may…….. my purchases now provide employment for a small book store where I get a 10 percent discount and a smile with my purchases…..and, while i may have to wait a week or two I am very happy with the service….they even order used books for me from, in fact all I do is pick up a phone and, without the bullshit and deposit required by the big corporate booksellers, I place an order and they hold it for me until I get into town to pick it up…….once they held 300.00 worth of purchases for 6 months while I was in the Arctic….

    I am glad these bastards have engaged in Big Brotherisms….it has breathed new life into a small family bookstore…..

    I urge all your readers to move mountains away from muhammad and darken the door of a small bookstore….have a cup of coffee and meet decent people who will be very grateful that you have brought your dollars into their store…

    As Wilfred Brimley once said about oatmeal, I say about spending your dollars with small bookstores…..”ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO”!!!!!

    Now, I bid you all a good night…..and, as I lift an obscenely large glass of French brandy and toast the health of every single soul in this fight against that which seeks to darken the light of the civilized world……I leave you with a rousing rendition of Amazing Grace…..performed by a host of military bands in Russia…..enjoy!!!!

    Good night and Godspeed……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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