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9 Replies to “Dangerously self deluded Germans create Islamic teaching within German public schools”

  1. The Germans are in trouble, and the only ones who are fighting back are being called dishonest. I fear that the near future is going to see massive violence with Civil wars all across Europe.

  2. I think you’re right Richard. Politicians these days in western nations seek to appease in a very similar way to Chamberlain in the late 1930’s. If you were dealing with a reasonable bunch on the other end, say Budhists or Hindus etc that would not be a problem. However, as we know Islamists have only one objective and they are not reasonable and are cleverly using the opportunity presented to them by the apologetic policies of western governments to their maximum advantage.

    The ANZACs (Australian Light Horse and New Zealand Mounted Rifles to be exact) had the right approach back at the end of the First World War, beeat the shit out of the bad guys and truly put the fear of god into them…

  3. The big question is why are millions of muslims being allowed into the western world as a whole. Asylum seekers are being allowed into western society, including the U.S., in their droves and they are almost all muslims. Why?

    By international agreement asylum seekers must seek asylum in their nearest friendly country. But this is being completely ignored as western countries seem to bend over backwards and welcome them with open arms. Why?

    When these muslim asylum seekers are accepted into these western countries they appear to be getting special privileges and payments. Why?

    There is something that doesn’t seem to be quite right here, it’s almost as if muslims were being encouraged to settle on a massive scale in the west. Again, why?

    There is something that we are not being told.

  4. Ross the Moslems are the type of people that when they act tough to you, you have to step on them until they apologize, then step on them until they mean the apology.

  5. Ross the politicians are trying to appeas their way out of the problem because to actually fight the war would mean admitting their policies have been wrong all along.

  6. Yep, you’re not wrong on either count Rich.

    Tc72, that’s a question we’d all like the answer to… One has to say WTF?! I’m all for rescuing genuine refugees, but it appears that those who cause the problems in their homelands are the ones being taken in most of the time…

  7. ramjetejmar
    No the answer is not simple. The people don’t let them in, that’s the work of our underhanded double dealing politicians. But I must admit that it’s the people who vote for them who make it possible for them to do so. We have a word for such people, ‘Sheeple’.

    Ross Lloyd
    The problem is that very few if any of these muslim “asylum seekers” are genuine. But the fact still remains that they have no right by international agreement to be in the U.K. having past through other “friendly” countries.

    The same thing happened in the U.S. when Obama opened the floodgates and allowed over 100,000 muslim Somali “asylum” seekers into the U.S.. And believe me those Somali muzzies are the worst bunch of uncivilised criminals that you could ever get yourself lumbered with, and all paid for by the long suffering public.

  8. tc most people don’t think for themselves because they have been taught not to, combine this with the news media refusing to report anything that will hurt the left and we face a major problem in trying to remove the current crop of politicians.

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