Andrew Bostom reviews the TV segment of Dr. Wafa Sultan Vs. Sheikh Omar

I agree with this word for word. Dr. Bostom is quite correct that the American, and for that matter Western peoples of the world, public could learn all they need to know about Islam from this one 8 minute clip.

There will be more segments of this clip available soon by the way, and a German version may even be ready tonight.

Eeyore for Vlad:

Sheikh Bakri Helps Wafa Sultan Educate All Americans on Islam

May 17th, 2012 by Andrew Bostom |
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The danger of Islamic convictions

The courage of Western convictions

Posted By Andrew Bostom On May 17, 2012



Dr. Wafa Sultan [3], a remarkably courageous and thoughtful Muslim freethinker, recently debated Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad [4]. Dr. Sultan watched passively while the good Sheik expressed without equivocation his pious views—in full accord with classical, mainstream Islamic doctrine on jihad [5]—and then politely added her own plain spoken commentary in response.

This less than 8-minute video segment [6], if viewed objectively and dispassionately, could do more to educate the American public on the theory animating the practice of “Islamic international relations,” without any further explanation required.

In brief, the video [6] exchange confirms State Department consul Edward A Van Dyck’s [7] didactic characterization from 1880, before the malign influence of post-modern self-loathing crippled the ability of our diplomatic corps, and policymaking elites to think and act clearly:

In all the many works on Mohammedan law no teaching is met with that even hints at those principles of political intercourse between nations, that have been so long known to the peoples of Europe, and which are so universally recognized by them. “Fiqh,” as the science of Moslem jurisprudence is called, knows only one category of relation between those who recognize the apostleship of Mohammed and all others who do not, namely Djehad [jihad[; that is to say, strife, or holy war. Inasmuch as the propagation of Islam was to be the aim of all Moslems, perpetual warfare against the unbelievers, in order to convert them, or subject them to the payment of tribute, came to be held by Moslem doctors [legists] as the most sacred duty of the believer. This right to wage war is the only principle of international law which is taught by Mohammedan jurists; …with the Arabs the term harby [harbi] (warrior) expresses not only an unbeliever but also an enemy; and jehady [jihadi] (striver, warrior) means the believer-militant. From the Moslem point of view, the whole world is divided into two parts—“the House of Islam,” and “the House of War;” out of this division has arisen the other popular dictum of the Mohammedans that “all kinds of unbelievers from but one people.”

Moreover, Sheikh Bakri reiterates the heinous conception—and practice—concordant with mainstream Islamic law, sharia, and the ugly history [5] of Islamic depredations, that the very lives of non-Muslim “harbis” are licit.

Below is the full transcript of the English translation but I encourage all to watch the video [6].

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3 Replies to “Andrew Bostom reviews the TV segment of Dr. Wafa Sultan Vs. Sheikh Omar”

  1. I have always stated that the likes of Bakri, Hamza, Krekar, Qatada, are really on our side.

    The real enemy is the demographic Jihad. Once Muslims are a near majority, the so-called moderate Muslims will vote for sharia. At this moment in time, they are voting for the enablers of Islam – Muslim vote for Hollande is a classic example.

  2. They won’t wait until they are that many, in Europe they are between 10 and 15% and are making their demands, demands the politicians are caving in and accepting.

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