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13 Replies to “Loathsome George get’s his arse handed to him”

  1. For the ninth time George, Where is the Vicar calling for the stoning of adulterers, George?

    Galloway is such an ass-clown.


  2. Galloway really has no answer.
    Christians and Jews have modernised beyond all recognition.
    muslims, on the other hand, continue to struggle towards the stone age with all their might.

  3. So George has his own show now… The man is such an enemy of reason, isn’t he? He doesn’t have a fair or unbiased bone in his body. Among the many things that communists and Islamists have in common is their belief that it is morally just fine to lie your head off as long as it’s in support of the “revolution”, be it Islamic or socialist. It’s upsetting to watch a man so skilled in the art of being unreasonable and intellectually dishonest. And for the tenth time…

  4. Ha ha, George, you’re such a rambling prick. Talk, talk but no answers. I like the way that David Henshaw kept his good humour throughout, but George simply ‘ran out of time’.
    By the way George, the Old Testament does NOT call for violence in the same way that the Quran does.Tried reading BOTH of these works sometime and you may discover this!

  5. George proves he’s an Islamic tool without a brain in his head.

    Who can watch his program without laughing his head off at such a stupid, simple little man?

  6. Unfortunately too many people are going to believe him simply because he is a leftist and they have been taught to believe all leftists.

  7. Wow. This guy Galloway isn’t quite so smart as he thinks he is. He tries to defend the commands for specific action, spoken out loud by imams, with stuff that is written but never spoken as commands for specific action.

    He clearly doesn’t think very highly of his supporters critical thinking skills.

  8. Truthiocity:
    He clearly doesn’t think very highly of his supporters critical thinking skills.
    George (and all of his ‘ilk’) do not possess this skill- how would they even name it or recognize it?

  9. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this here at Vlad Tepes, but this is priceless nevertheless. I actually remembered this very clip a few hours ago, while I was thinking about the utterly fallacious part of “the narrative” stating that all religions have their extremists, and that they’re all equally dangerous; and how easy it is to rebut that assertion, provided that those on the islamophilic side of the debate don’t shout you down first because they have nothing to say to back up their claims.

  10. Meeting Galloway’s slippery rhetoric with laughter is an effective way to dampen his tactics—obfuscation and diversion. Never one to answer directly, he instead spills out a stream of well-worn, smoothly worded counter-accusations, based on a shaky foundation—which he refuses to address. As though his brain were on auto-pilot, whenever he hears a statement of fact about Muslims or Islam he reacts with an automatic referral to the “violence in the Old Testament” or some other tired and false rejoinder, which simply doesn’t address the question raised.

    Galloway obviously didn’t like being laughed at, and his bully tactics became evident as his anger grew.

  11. Stop picking on poor Loathsome George. He knows what he is talking about and tried to make a point but got interrupted continuously. I just don’t understand . . . OK OK,
    I thought I could keep a straight face and comment but I can’t stop laughing. God, what an idiot!

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