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7 Replies to “‘Religious freedom’ means less of every other kind.”

  1. You really need to put up warnings on some of these videos.
    Suggestion: NSFFS, ‘Not suitable for full stomach’
    She’s tearing up over her ‘independence’ while pushing an ideology that makes every female the property of a male from birth to death?
    My fu*king dog has more independence that a woman under shitria law.

  2. No, “WE don’t have to find a way to work out OUR difficulties.” THEY need to find a way to respect & integrate into OUR culture or emigrate to a country that has an acceptable culture to them.

  3. This is political indoctrination at its slimiest and most subtle!
    The poor girl said that she had always been outspoken, but not as it seems, outspoken enough to reject the ideology of Islam altogether. Still, she has a modicum of guts, but see how she fares away from her relatively moderate Muslim world, when a further step is taken towards Wahabbism and then the next and final brutal step of Salafism. She is resident in the state of Michigan, one of the most highly Islamised places in North America. The trouble with Islamisation is that it always occurs in subtle steps.
    The Muslims have always bragged that Michigan would become the first Islamist U.S. state, achieved one brick by one (remember – one State down then only forty-nine to go!).
    It is important to kill evil at it’s lowest possible denominator and Michigan needs to be cleansed first. Destroy the roots and seeds of a plant and it cannot reproduce! On a larger scale, the only way to destroy Islam altogether is to remove the head from the snake. Forget Tehran or Riyadh. Destroy Mecca and the beast dies! But we can’t rely on this yet, as the puzzled World is not ready for it. We need to work on small snakes first.
    The best way to protect the U.S. is to tackle Michigan and Dearborn first. If Michigan is freed then Islam will be defeated in the U.S. The same applies to other nations. In Britain, the hardcore places need tackling first, like Luton, Tower Hamlets, Bradford and so on… something that the glorious EDL have already started work on.
    Likewise, in Sweden, Malmo should be the first point of concern.
    The above video appears to be a nice friendly video, narrated by a charming, naive girl, but it it disguises the real issue, the issue of the subtle Islamisation of the West. We need to fight this, and to fight it hard. Keep telling the truth and keep up the good work!

  4. Actually, given Mohamed’s strict moratorium on music, doubly so for women, and dancing I can’t say that I know for sure but its a safe guess that Islam doesn’t like it, I would think it isn’t a dance or a hen party. It might end up being a kind of victory bash over the kuffar and his evil ways though. Hopefully the sanctimony and the smell of victory will be enough to entertain all those girls till the end of the night.

  5. I suppose it saves them an ass raping and strangulation by Dad and some cousins if males were to be at the chattle prom. Cancer looks well established in Hamtrack.

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