Father sells 12-year-old daughter in Antalya: report

n 12773 4A father in the southern Antalya province allegedly sold his pre-teen daughter after signing a contract with a businessmen 40 years her elder, daily Hürriyet reported today.

The father received 5,000 Turkish Liras after signing the contract which stated clearly that he had sold his daughter and was paid the money “in advance.” The contract also read that both the father and the daughter consented to the transaction.

The scandal was revealed when the daughter informed her teacher at school that she had been taken to a hotel and raped by the man who had “bought” her from her father. The teacher immediately passed the information onto local police. A judicial case, however, did not begin until yesterday because police had been unable to locate the businessman for six years.

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  1. Why are you insistent on connecting me to Israel and the Jews in this manner?

    Lastly, it is wrong to enslave people. Not because it is a ‘sin’ but because it is a violation of an individuals basic human rights. One does not have to believe in ‘sin’ to believe in human rights. Read the original declaration of human rights as written by Elanor Roosevelt as set out at the creation of the U.N. Human Rights commission. That is a brilliant description of right and wrong. Buddhists have strong ethical systems with no gods and no mention of sin.

    Please do not insist on more personal attacks on me here. If you do not like the content, then leave my site. No one asked you to read it. If you want to argue with a point then do so. But I do not have the time or energy to engage in personal battles with people. Stick to the topic or go away.

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