Judge unmasks teenager who organised gang rape of girl, 11


Ibrahim, is that a Sikh name? A Bahai’?  Didn’t think so either.

From This is London

“No remorse”: Ibraheem Giwa called friends to his home to rape “vulnerable” girl

04 May 2012

A teenager who organised the gang rape of  a vulnerable 11-year-old girl was unmasked by a judge today and sentenced to  five years’ detention.

Ibraheem Giwa, 15, was 13 when he and fellow gang members took turns to sexually assault the child on three occasions including once in a McDonald’s lavatory. He was convicted of two charges of rape.

Judge Patricia Lees ordered that Giwa, who had denied the charges and shown “no remorse”, lose the anonymity usually afforded to an offender of his age. She said the girl was subjected to a “high degree of degradation and sexual violation”.

Inner London crown court heard that the first attack on the girl was carried out by Giwa and another boy in Central Park, East Ham, in September 2009. The second was at Giwa’s east London home and involved up to eight friends he had summoned by phone and text.

On the final occasion in March 2010, the girl was cornered in the lavatory of McDonald’s in East Ham.

A second youth, now aged 16, who cannot be named, was ordered to be detained at a young offender institution for a year after admitting raping the girl at the restaurant.

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5 Replies to “Judge unmasks teenager who organised gang rape of girl, 11”

  1. Five years? So he can come out and commit a more heinous crime? Take him to the gallows and drop him through the floor!

  2. Ya’ know…once upon a time, the male members of this girls family would have resolved some shit like this (today, the men in my family WILL)…permanently…now, the ‘men’ of england simply hand their balls over to their own children’s oppressors and go back to watching the tele….manchester united, right guys?

    Grow some balls, pick up a baseball bat and beat these ignorant creatures into the dirt…maybe…just maybe…they’ll begin to take you seriously…in the real world, your going to be traeted exactly how you allow someone to treat you…either stand up for yourselves, or just shut the fuck up!

  3. Some years ago, before our western nations decided to hand the reigns of power over to alien hostiles who loath us and wish us death, destruction and erasure, we decided that we should treat vigilantes more harshly than criminals in most cases. The reasons for this were actually pretty rational. In order for civil society to work, law had to prevail. The idea that the law would indeed be just and dispensed evenhandedly so that all people could see that justice was dispensed and people would sacrifice personal revenge for a system of evidence based justice. This would prevent many innocents from being harmed by personal issues masquerading as crimes, and rumours and so on causing the death or injury of people who had nothing to do with the actual crime.

    It worked for quite a long time.

    But now that we have decided to abandon justice for political correctness and favoritism to selected groups we have a situation where the only reason that vigilantism is not rampant is because people such as white Christians etc. know that they will not be fairly treated. That if they take revenge against people who have turned their pre-pubescent daughters into whores, that they will do far more jail time and likely in a cell block full of his daughters rapists, than the actual criminal.

    The good people of Western nations will do nothing until they are less afraid of their own neo-fascist governments than they are of the threat of millions of savages and hate-mongers those same governments have allowed to infect previously cooperative, decent, Judeo-Christian nations which, as we begin to see now, were paradisaical for decades.

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