Has the United States abandoned all of the values that define it?

One ‘Left-wing’ friend of mine who I admire, and who is intelligent and articulate beyond measure, described Barack Obama as the most right wing president since Richard Nixon. I may be beginning to agree with him once the labels and definitions are jiggered a little.

Here are two articles which describe the way in which the US embassy managed to shuck off an awkward diplomatic situation when a Chinese human rights activist attempted to seek asylum at the US embassy in Beijing.

This one by Anne Bayefsky on FOX News:

and this one from National Review:

The Obama foreign policy lynchpin known as “engagement” has run into one more eminently predictable quagmire in the case of Chen Guangcheng. State Department officials knew full well that five seconds out of American custody and into Chinese hands they could not guarantee Chen a thing.

So what did they do? They took a man who had suffered years of Chinese human rights abominations and in less than one week they asked him — of their own admission — over and over: What do you want to do now? What do you want to do now? What do you want to do now?

It is hardly a surprise that eventually they got the answer they wanted — the response that made their life a whole lot easier given Chinese banquets for visiting Obama emissaries were waiting and Hillary Clinton was coming to town. And yet astoundingly Obama officials expect us to believe that the atmosphere at the embassy was one of “no pressure.”


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  1. Obama is the most right-wing President since Nixon? Even Nixon would have handled this better. Don’t pin Obama and Hillary’s fiasco of the week on the Right! Who was the fool who let him into the Embassy and inserted the US into this debacle? Maybe we can trade some OWS and CAIR types for this guy. Might make them appreciate what they have here.

  2. For many decades, the leftists have been propagating the false dichotomy that the choice confronting the world is only: communism or fascism—a dictatorship of the left or of an alleged right—with the possibility of a free society, of capitalism, dismissed and obliterated, as if it had never existed.

    “The Presidential Candidates 1968,”
    The Objectivist, June 1968, 5

    While Obama (Obamacare) is far worse than Nixon (wage & price controls), these two share an uncomfortably ‘progressive’ approach. But Nixon turned down Mao’s offer of women for cash, Obama was willing to trade a human rights activist for a ‘Clean Cookstove’ alliance. But at least ‘the smartest and nicest guy in the world’ is making these difficult choices.

  3. Nixon was a very troubled man, one that did a lot that I disagree with, but he was a man who would fight for freedom. Obama will fight to impose slavery but not for freedom.

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