EU’s Secret Plan To Abolish European Sovereignty

This is one of those stories that I have been aware of for a day or two, but haven’t posted because frankly, it sounds like its the stuff of tin foil hats, even though its true. In other words, we live in an age where so many things that are actually true are too unbelievable to blog here lest it cause a credibility gap.

Before its news sent me their version of this story so I figure now is the time to post a link to it at least. Remember when the European Union was really just about a common currency and everyone having the same phone jacks for easier travel and standardization of some electronics? The most evil ends seem to start with such good initial reasons. There must be a good expression about that somewhere. Maybe something about a road to someplace bad paved with something we all want, I dunno.

The story credit goes to: Express.Co

 From Before Its News:

Eurocrats’ secret plan to abolish EU sovereignty

Senior Eurocrats are secretly plotting to create a super-powerful EU president to realise their dream of abolishing ­Britain and other nation states, UK media has revealed.

A covert group of EU foreign ministers has drawn up plans for merging the jobs currently done by Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, and Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.

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10 Replies to “EU’s Secret Plan To Abolish European Sovereignty”

  1. I read a comment by a Jewish gentleman holocaust surviver who said, It always starts with abortion, but it never ends there. So in this frame of thought, “It always starts with “making life easier” but it never ends there”. Hows that for a frase?

  2. And who is the man who “will bring prosperity and peace and make a peace treaty with Israel.”

    I can guess that Barack Obama will bring about the new Caliphate in some ways but he sure as shit has brought no prosperity and no peace deals. If anything its 5 minutes to midnight again thanks to him and his failure with Iran. Same goes for Bush II actually.

    There will always be wars and rumours of wars. Book of revelations really is fantastic material for horror films. Some of my favorite shows and movies are inspired by Catholic mythology. But one can always, and always does, interpret current events by that calculus. If you read some of what was written in Europe in the year 999 it was identical to the nonsense we saw in 1999. Even the geeks got into end-times crap with the Y2K bug.

  3. First of all, I don’t have any rabbis. No rabbis no rabbits no priests no temple keepers and frankly, no one with funny hats of any kind. As it seems that folk-authority always seems to stem from the hat whether it is a religious ‘leader’ or a musician.

    As to sin, one has to accept the actual principle of sin before one can be guilty of it. As I do not believe in sin, I am not a man of it.

    as to the gospels, where any of the ones in the official New Testament actually written during the lifetime of Jesus? If so, which one. I believe the earliest one was actually written in 70 AD but I could be wrong. As for the “stablishment of the state of Israel” Israel has been a nation of the Jewish people since before recorded history. There has always been a continuous Jewish presence there. The fact that the UN officially recognized it as a nation means about as much as if I suddenly decide that your apartment now can have your name on the mailbox as far as me and my pals go.

    Once agian…

    There is not one single prophesy in the bible that is clear and makes sense and has proven correct. There is however, one clear and unambiguous prophesy in the bible however. It is my favorite one. Look up the one about Tyre and how it will be razed as bare as a rock never to be built upon again and no one shall know that there was ever a city there etc. etc. That is the only clear biblical prophesy and of course, Tyre is the third biggest city in Lebanon to this day and the ruins of the historical city are there for all to see.

    Thanks for playing.

  4. I amaze you, and you can twist and bend rational thought like that Ronn. You should really move to New York and open a giant pretzel stand. You could make them with the power of your own mind.

    The Jews built Israel. They have always lived there. It was created by them. They were never slaves in Egypt. They have always been in Israel, and the collection of origin myths and folk-history known as the bible, was written by them right up till the Council of Nicaea in the 4th century A.D. when the Romans took it over under Constantine. That’s just for openers. More importantly, no one, but NO ONE in the history of the world who has been foolish enough to let religious Muslims ‘rule over them’ has enjoyed a better life in any way shape or form. islam is a cancer upon the world. It must be obliterated. If this can happen with no loss of life or injury, then this would be my perfect world. But Islam must be consigned to the dust heaps of history along with Nazism and communism, both of which share much with Islam.

    As for the rest of your post, well I couldn’t get past the part about why not let Muslims rule. That was stupid enough for the evening. I didn’t even bother to mention how antisematism is central dogma in islam. That is the other reason.

  5. Thank’s for the respect you give me!
    I still read everything you say…
    Israel was obliterated in the year 70 a.d, it doesn’t matter if there were jews living there. They were nothing but dhimmis under islamic law.
    ” And in the latter days I will bring Israel back to the land and I will set up Jerusalem as a stumbling block to all natios” Does it sound cheesy for you?
    The jews were never in Egypt? looooooooooooooool
    You are a complete joke!!!
    You sound even funnier than the muzzies! A self destructing jew!
    Now as for sin, you said you don’t believe in it. right? So why you point the atrocities that the muslims commit all over the world on a daily basis?
    My friend you must be a lonely kid with lots of time in your hand , I’ll have to think twice now before accessing your blog.

  6. 1. Yes Israel was conquered by the Romans who named it Palestine to humiliate the Jews as their historical enemies where the Philistines. Islam of course was 7 centuries away from being made up.

    2. There is no historical evidence that the Jews where ever slaves in Egypt. Yes they where there. Before Mohamed ethnically cleansed the Arabian peninsula with his gang of merry thugs it was a highly diverse place in terms of religion. Mohamed destroyed diversity and made it all Muslim or Islamic rule.

    3. This has nothing to do with me, or how I identify myself, Jewish or not, self-hating or not. This is about historical fact or fiction.
    4. You are most welcome to not read this site. You can get your money back at the door.

  7. You are very arrogant and unpleasant, it’s very easy to undersatnd that you have to deal with identity issues or the like.
    Your reading of the minimalists such as Herzog, a crazy idiotic perosn who receives funds from the state of Israel to carry on with his self destructing theories about the early jewish history.
    You forgot to mention that there’s an egyptian stele that presicely talks about the israelites as a tribe and their passage through Egypt.
    Of course it’s not surprising to get from an atheist like you the lack of imagination as to somehow think that for the Egyptian, the exodus departure was perhaps the most humiliating thing that ever happened to them.
    In history it’s very common to see these things happening.
    Now let me ask you something, if the Bible and it’s narratives are all fable and lies, have you ever thought that as a people the jews are THE biggest liar in history?
    What would give the jews the right to claim that land from the muslism when the jews had stollen them from tha caananites, hitites, amorites and so forth?
    You know nothing of history and facts, you’re just an arrogant atheist who hides himself behind a computer and thinks taht is doing a great job for humanity.
    As I said before, enjoy your freedom as you have it now, because, this battle is lost my friend. It’s either Jesus coming to save us and or it’s the defeat of the western world for good.
    Get you money and go seek psychological help, because you do sound like a sexually frustrated person.
    I’ve seen many of the like, that have to deny God to feel some comfort and don’t feel bad about the things done.

  8. I am “Arrogant and unpleasant” but you started this personal stuff by calling me “A man of sin”.

    First of all, it is another of your classic logical falacies that because I do not accept your interpretation of the bible and of secular history, that I must be an atheist. Do you make everything up as you go along? Or do you consider evidence on any subject at all? If you do, please consider rereading my responses to you, as I have provided plenty of it.

    Once again, their is no evidence that the Jews were ever slaves in Egypt.

    Islam did not exist till after 700 A.D. so Muslims could not have taken Israel in 70 AD and forced the Jews to Dhimmitude. The Romans did that. The Romans also compiled the bible in the 4th century.

    As for your constant attacks on me as Jewish, and your attacks on Jews in general, I fail to see what relevance they have to any of this at all. But given that you seem to argue not with the people you are facing, and not with the facts but with imaginary and projected attributes both of people and groups not to mention history, then I guess there isn’t much point in continuing this at all.

    But I do always get a giggle from people who think that they must be X if they do not agree 100% with you.

    I hope you enjoyed your time here.

    Takemus Carebus. Ciao

  9. It really seems that your cognitive problem is getting worse by the minute!
    When did I ever call you a “man of sin”? The story goes back to what I posted about
    what is soon to happen with the E.U. The man of Sin is the AntiChrist ,it’s not you.
    Now I read the things you write and it’s like a mad man screaming without making sense of what he says.
    I suggest you go back to George Brown for your “humanities” courses. loool
    The “romans” compiled the Bible loooool man keep bringing these pearls of sapiencia I love them!
    Fastigium tuum afixum est this is real latin !
    Enjoy your SUNNY SUNDAY!

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