Second suspect arrested in teen stabbing case

The Local:

Another person has been arrested in the investigation of the Landskrona killing on Monday in southern Sweden, where a 19-year-old woman was stabbed to death.

“This is a woman born in 1973. She was apprehended at 6pm on Wednesday and was formally arrested at 8.45pm,” said police spokesperson Eva-Lotta Hermansson Truedsson to news agency TT.

According to prosecutor Magnus Larsson, the arrested woman could be described as close to the victim.

He said that the woman is under suspicion of instigating the murder and that it is possible that the circle of suspects could widen.

Currently, it doesn’t seem as if either of the two apprehended suspects will be released.

“Not the way it looks right now, but there are a number of measures being carried out and the situation could easily change,” said the prosecutor to TT.

Police arrested the woman’s 16-year-old brother after finding him outside the apartment, the Aftonbladet newspaper reported on Wednesday.

It has been alleged that the boy killed his sister for disgracing their family by having several boyfriends and trying to build a life for herself away from home, but this has not been confirmed by police.

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  1. Since this happened in my hometown, I just want people to know that it hasn’t always been like this. The PC’s thinks that old Sweden was just plain boring and maybe they were right to some extent. But it was also very peaceful and beautiful. The PC’s calls it cultural enrichment. I fail to see how decay, ghettoization, littering and violence is in any way enriching. As usual statements from people living in gated communities as far away from the enrichers they claim to like so much. Personally I want the old Sweden back because honestly, New Sweden sucks everyday of the year.

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