Robert Spencer: Time to stop treating Muslims like children

Jihad Watch:

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In WND this morning I explain how I wrote my new book, Did Muhammad Exist?, out of respect for Muslims:

My new book, “Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry Into Islam’s Obscure Origins,” is out this week, and it has already aroused anger among Muslims: A Muslim writer named Hussein Rashid, who is an instructor at the Center for Spiritual Inquiry at Park Avenue Christian Church, fulminated in Religion Dispatches that my book on Muhammad will win praise only from the “Islamophobia industry” – as if the book itself were a manifestation of hatred and bigotry.I’m reminded of the words of the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh as the Islamic jihadist Mohammed Bouyeri began sawing his head off in retaliation for his film “Submission” about the plight of Muslim women: “Can’t we talk about this?” No, we can’t.

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  1. For a while we did treat them like adults, we treated their acts of war as acts of war and waged war against them, conquering and occupying their lands for long periods. Then the left decided we were evil for protecting ourselves and we are now paying the price for not shutting them up.

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