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6 Replies to “John Robson analysis on Montreal student riots.”

  1. The rest of Canada pays for these a$$holes to live better & cheaper and what do we get in return, derision & riots from the spoiled brats? I say make them pay their way like the rest of us and find out what it really costs. Better yet, do us all a favor and separate and leave the Canadian gravy train. Maybe then we’ll have an end to the whining & demanding. I for one can’t wait.

  2. Bring back the “You break it you buy it” policy. Although I find it hard to blame the students at times, especially when I hear their professors speaking. No wonder they are so messed up.

  3. There’s the problem…the police appear to be using rubber riot sticks…get back to hickory, guys, breaks some arms, legs and teeth….they’ll stop rioting then, can almost guarentee it!

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