Terrorists threaten to attack UK if Qatada is deported


Al Qaeda militants have warned the UK it will be attacked if it deports firebrand cleric Abu Qatada.

Tom Whitehead

By , Security Editor

10:10PM BST 20 Apr 2012

Al-Shabaab, the Somali based group linked to the terror network, said there would be “disaster” for the British public if Qatada is sent back to Jordan.

Last week al Qaeda itself warned it would “open the gates of evil” if the Government continues with the deportation.

The warning came as it emerged Theresa May could learn next month whether the Home Office blundered over the appeal deadline for Qatada.

A panel of European judges is expected to sit in May to decide whether the cleric’s application was in time – and whether he has a case for an appeal, sources said.

Liberal Democrats said the deadline fiasco, which has allowed Qatada to further delay his deportation, had been an “Olympic-standard screw up”

And Labour piled the pressure on the Home Secretary to explain what assurances were sought from Strasbourg that the Home Office was working to the correct time frame.

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7 Replies to “Terrorists threaten to attack UK if Qatada is deported”

  1. Well, straight from the horse’s mouth. If Qatada is deported then the Religion of Peace will attack. Does anyone need more proof of the danger of this man and people who support him? Of course the do-gooders will be whining about Qatada’s human rights and this unveiled threat will be more ammunition for them. “Now we have to protect the public too and if there are terrorist attacks then it will because we deserved it, because we deported a vicious criminal (cowardice and dhimmitude are the hallmarks of these do-gooders).”
    The Leftist elite meanwhile, will ignore these threats. They will be more interested in defaming and blaming Israel and rallying against their own kind, to bother condemning the actions of Muslim thugs!

  2. Al-Qaeda have warned it would “open the gates of evil.”
    Aah, so al-Qaeda have admitted that Islam is Satanic then, and they have the Devil under their command!

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