Five men sentenced to total of 38 years for child sexual exploitation offenses

West-Midlands Police:

April 20 2012

Five men have today (Friday) been sentenced to a total of over 38 years after subjecting two teenage girls to a harrowing two day ordeal in a house and hotel in Birmingham.

The men were found guilty on 14 March at Birmingham Crown Court of offences linked to child sexual exploitation after the two girls had been brought into Birmingham from Telford and held over a period of nearly two days in a house and hotel in November 2009.

The girls, aged 15 and 16 at the time, were lured to Birmingham from their Telford homes and over the next 36 hours were used for the sexual gratification by Shamrez Rashid, aged 20, and Amar Hussain, aged 22, and then by a steady stream of young men – first in a cramped flat in Highgate Street and then in a nearby hotel.

Rashid and Hussain took advantage of the girls’ ignorance of their surroundings and their lack of resources to effectively detain them. They eventually escaped from the hotel with one of the girls wearing no shoes; they found a payphone and called police.

Shamrez Rashid, from Bordesley Green, was found guilty of child abduction, two rapes, attempted rape and attempted sexual assault. Sentenced to 11 years.

Amar Hussain, from Balsall Heath, was found guilty of child abduction, three rapes and attempt sexual assault. Sentenced to ten years.

Jahbar Rafiq, aged 28 from Aston, was found guilty of rape and sexual assault. Sentenced to eight years.

Adil Saleem, aged 20 from Yardley, was found guilty of rape. Sentenced to eight years.

Amer Islam Choudhrey, aged 20 from Selly Park, was found guilty of child abduction and sexual assault. Sentenced to 15 months.

A 20-year-old man also standing trial was found not guilty of sexual assault.

One of the victims, who cannot be identified, spoke briefly on the affect the ordeal has had on her: “I find it very hard to describe the affect of what happened has had on me… no-one could ever understand how I felt at the time and the shame afterwards.

“It is something that I had learned to cope with myself and deal with alone.”

Detective Inspector Caroline Marsh, from the public protection unit, said: “This has been a protracted and complex investigation since it began in 2009.

“Clearly, dealing with victims who have been subjected to such a horrific and prolonged series of attacks has been extremely difficult. We have supported them every step of the way and hope today helps to bring some sort of closure to them and their families.

“The girls have shown great courage throughout the trial which has obviously been a very difficult experience for them particularly being cross examined at length by so many barristers.

“Their evidence has been crucial to ensuring that this can never happen to another young girl in the future.”

Pictured left to right: Amar Hussain, Adil Saleem, Jahbar Rafiq and Shamrez Rashid.

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13 Replies to “Five men sentenced to total of 38 years for child sexual exploitation offenses”

  1. Why native girls, as young as 12 are willing to get in to strange men’s cars and agree to have sex with them (and eventually their friends) for a bit of flattery and free alcohol and drugs. Are kids not warned about getting in to cars with strange men on the street any more? And if they are, why are these warnings being ignored? If some girls even at that age are willing to sell themselves for free alcohol and drugs then there is something going badly wrong in their lives and they will remain vulnerable even if one ethnic group of predators are removed.

    This Pakistani sexual grooming stuff is nonsense. Sure, there are Pakistani criminals who target any vulnerable women. But Jack Straw’s comments are a disgrace. He wants us to believe that young Pakistani men are targeting white women because they are more sexually liberated. So, why don’t we talk about Hindus or Sikhs? Many would believe they think the same way. Jack Straw -definition = ‘man of straw, a worthless man’. Jack Straw’s brother is of course a convicted child molester. Jack Straw’s brother found guilty of indecent assault on 16 yr old girl

    But what Straw wanted to do is label young Pakistanis as criminal. The sexual grooming was being done by criminals for criminal reasons and not sexual reasons. He wants to say that the ordinary sexual interest of young Pakistani is criminal.

    Certainly, some whites attack black people for reasons of race. To say that it is common for young white males to want to attack black people is absurd.

  2. Leave it to a Muslim to blame vast numbers of Islamic pedophile rape gangs, giving children drugs and alcohol, abusing their trust of strangers and their state inculcated pro-Islamic bias on the children themselves.

    Only a muslim could be that sick. That twisted. That sociopathic that you could look at thousands of destroyed lives of little girls by Muslim rape gangs and somehow try and blame it on them or their culture. You are a sick, twisted, horrible fuck. I hope you find justice in the real sense of it, not the perverted rhetorical-device that Islam uses as the term.

    Europe needs to free itself of you, anyone like you, and your ideology and as soon as possible if it ever hopes to return to anything like a trusting and kind place it had, where children could freely speak with strangers without fear of kidnapping, drug addiction and sexual exploitation.

    Islam is sickness. Some for the love of the future, administer some penicillin now.

  3. Like I said this troll (IA) will not leave of his own accord. Some of us have seen have seen his irritating “work” on other counter-jihad sites in the past.

  4. I agree with iftikar in some ways but not completely. I feel sometimes crimes committed by muslims are committed solely because they are a criminal and not because of their religion or race. I believe there are instances were the commit crime based on race and religion, and it is 100% clear that these girl grooming cases are being committed solely by Pakistani Muslims against White girls.

    I feel it is unfair of you to say “typical Muslim response” as If he were not a Muslim expressing the same view, it would not be an issue. Granted there is a huge Muslim problem in the uk, and in these cases the fault lies solely with the Pakistani pedophiles. They are organised groups manipulating young White girls. The trend has been identified and cannot be ignored. Those on the liberal left say it’s not a cultural or religious issue but merely a criminal one.

    Some would say it’s the fault of Islam. I would say indirectly it is the fault of Islam. There culture history and formation as a people is derived from Islam. Whereas Europeans are derived from Christianity. Whether or not one is a true Christian or muslim their behaviour and culture is in some way influenced by their history.

    We must realise it is not the bearded mullahs calling for shariah committing these crimes, but the alcohol drinking “westernised” Muslims. The ramifications of this are much harder to deal with because these are the ones that are meant to be on our side.

    A separate issue iftikhar highlighted was the sexualisation of young girls.I’d there were no pedophiles at all in the u.k, the liberal attitude in the uk still means that young girls are sexualised at a young age. Something the conservatives in America have picked up on.

  5. Another biased opinion towards Islam. Well let me put you straight. I too am a Muslim but I do not approve of what these disgusted perverted creatures have done. More deeply, i feel they were let off lightly for their horrific acts. People like these should be shot in the head or better still be burnt alive. They have no right to be brought back into society. They are a disgrace to their race and even more to humanity. This is how I would feel no matter what colour or ethnic background they be. Let’s see how they feel having to pick up them slippery soap bars. Lol.

  6. Vince:

    Actually it is. There was a case in England not that long ago, which is detailed here on Vladtepes, where an imam at a London mosque made a deal with some of his ‘congregation’ that they would all go out and rape white girls (and rob them in this case as well) and then use each other as an alabi.

    Fortunately they had not learned about DNA testing so a pile of them went to jail for perjury as well as rape etc. The imam made it very clear to the men he preached to that infidel girls were theirs by right and raping them was a duty and reward of being Muslim. In court, the various wives of these disgusting people actually supported them.

    So while I appreciate your well thought out and rational, calm headed analysis of the situation Vince, the truth and facts of the matter would point to a more direct relationship between many forms of Islamic violent antisocial behavior towards non-Muslims in the Uk than mere cultural history, although your point is a fully valid one and indeed is often the case.

    When I first started becoming aware of the issues of Islam in the Western world, I remember getting into arguments with people here who I felt went way too far when it came to disparaging Islam etc. It didn’t take that long before I realized that the issue was a failure of my own imagination. That I simply couldn’t believe that a set of ethics and behavioral norms as barbaric and primitive and frankly, evil, sort of a fun house mirror image of everything that is decent, could exist as it does in Islam.

    All this to say, yeah Vince. It is the bearded imams.

  7. Looking at their pictures, I realize that they all look retarded; probably because of inbreeding. Surely, young girls must now realize the danger that these muslims pose to them and if not, they must be desperate for attention to be fooled by these ugly retards. Where are all the young men ready to defend them while this horrible “enticement” is going on? There is never any mention of them.

  8. Coupal:

    1. Schools in the UK no longer seem to teach rational thought, logic, math, things schools should teach. Instead, its all communism, political correctness, moral and social relativism. So if a retarded looking vicious Pakistani approaches a teenage girl it offers her a chance to show how non-racist she is. It has taken a generation or more for the UK to obliterate the natural self preservation instinct all living things have, but clearly they have done it.

    As for the young men defending them, what’s in it for them? If they raise a hand against a Muslim they will go to jail for racism which is actually a crime in the UK, and probably in a ward full of Muslims as jail now in many western countries is nothing more than a state paid Mosque and Islamic community center.

    The government and official culture of the UK has set the risk benefit equation such that there is simply no incentive to assist a girl being groomed by Muslim rape gangs. England has gone full bore totalitarian commie and somehow, also Muslim as sharia sensibilities are as engrained in the British legal system (based on many recent judgements for all sorts of things like letting Muslims clean off for attacks while British Christians go to jail for criticism of Islam) as Magna Carta. I suspect at this time more.

  9. Eeyore,
    Of course, you are right – incredible as it is. I am a teacher in Canada and I teach a lot of immigrants. In my class I speak out against communism and moral and social relativism. I have not been “chastised” as yet by anyone in authority and I refuse to be intimidated by either the students or other teachers.
    Do you think the tide will turn and people will come back to their senses? What will it take?

  10. There is no question that at some point reason will regain popularity. I have never doubted that. My issue has always been, ‘hoe much damage are we willing to take before that happens’.

    As I see it, truth must prevail because reality always trumps fiction sooner or later depending on degree etc. For example, the reality of the need of roughly a 50/50 mix of boys and girls are about to trump the Chinese policy of one child per family incredibly hard utterly transforming China in ways the communist party will not be able to influence no matter what they do. Because demography is indeed destiny, which is another way of saying that reality trumps fiction.

    But again, the issue remains…

    How much damage are we willing to take at the hands of superstitious savages that see us as nothing more than chattel at best. Who see the women of our peoples as mere sexual slaves. The men as enemies to be killed, converted and until then, a source of unearned income.

    It has been said by far better minds than mine, that the crisis the West faces today is by a large part, a failure of our imaginations.

    I think this is true. Talk to any young people today about Islam. They are simply incapable of understanding how anyone can think differently than they do.

  11. Eeyore: I feel I owe you a reply. Thanks for your response, I like to be critical on all fronts and not merely swallow what the scholars say. I am constantly attempting to find the truth through the lies. I have made many friends online from north America as my YouTube channel comments have attracted some attention. Not least because as I mention on my comments my heritage is a mixture of European as well as some middle eastern ie Muslim heritage. Funnily enough thanks to my blonde haired blue eye appearance the only racism I have ever experienced has been from Muslims. No English person has every had a problem with my non western heritage

    Now I know there is a causal link between alot of stuff Muslims do and what it says in the Quran. I have no doubt if you read the Quran there will be plenty of bad stuff to be found. I have no faith in that book or even many of its preachers in many cases.

    But in I have seen people even preachers who have offered up there own interpretation of the Quran. Picking out the bits which are non violent etc. Because of course a large number of Muslims are ordinary citizens. However without the same reformation as Christianity has gone through, the scholars and those who really study the Quran I feel will always keep coming away with the same ideas.

    Now granted I imagine some preachers would preach that the infidel women are merely war booty. That nutter at the Danish embassy was caught on camera screaming it. Now regarding the girl grooming cases it seems to appear to be a nationwide thing. The only linking factor is the methods used are the same, victims are the same and criminals are the same.

    Seen as non of the perps know each other, and appear to be part of individual cells, suggests this trend is not merely an accident. I would agree that perhaps it could be orders sent down from the preachers, but this would suggest all involved attend the mosque and all preachers in differing locations are spouting the same message.

    For me this suggests there is a cultural factor particularly rife in the Pakistani community. But in holland it’s the morrocans, Australia the Lebanese and America the somalis. Only related factor is Islam amongst several nationalities on three differing continents. But again the profile of the perps is the westernised Muslim. Arguably they have merely embraced the parts of the west they like but maintained the parts of Islam they like, creating a hybrid culture. But again 3 continents…,..

    I honestly don’t know the answers, but as someone with Muslim relatives and some friends I know not all are bad. I know this as a fact. But I feel as long as Islam exists in it’s current form there is nothing stopping the radicalisation of Muslims. For example my relatives may be liberal non practicing Muslims but what is to stop their children or grandchildren finding their faith and the messages in Quran.

    Like in the uk we have third generation Muslims blowing up the country their grandparents came to. Even White converts to Islam who are preaching the same message of hate. I think the only way for integration is like my case. My Islamic heritage has all but gone. And through intermarriage and being raised in a secular country, all but remains is a slight tan in the summer.

    This has been the successful method of the melting pot of America. But in USA there has been and still is a dominant patriotic culture in place. Something in Europe which has been eroded by socialism. In France most of marine le pens support is amongst 18-24 year olds. I think you will find most opposition to islamisation will be from the younger generations. Because we are the by products of multiculturalism. Our parents generation are still stuck in the nostalgia of the 60s, and hate anything conservative minded. I even know some black guys that vote bnp out of pure frustration. Even heard older hard working Pakistani guys complaining about asylum seekers.

    The fear is unless something is done there is going to be an explosion of rage on the streets of Europe. And we have already began to see it in the last few years,….

  12. Vince:

    I can’t add much to that but maybe augment a tiny bit.

    In a ‘wikileak’, Hillary Clinton was said to make an interesting distinction. She described “cultural Muslims Vs. Religious Muslims, the latter being the problem. I think that is a very good place to draw the line. Clearly there is a class of people who identify themselves as Muslim in the way any other Western group might identify themselves as ‘Jewish’, ‘Catholic’ and other hyphenated cultural influences which have subtle effects on choice of foods, recipes and occasionally movie picks but not much else.
    You are right that since the religious aspects of Islam today tend to be classical ones, preaching pretty much what Mohamed likely preached as he marched his armies across the Arabian peninsula slaughtering, raping and enslaving as he went, there is not much stopping the grandchildren of people who likely moved to the West to escape horror and persecution from becoming ‘radicalized’ as the narrative asks us to say, but I would say simply religious. The problem is not ‘Islamic fundamentalism’ but the fundamentals of Islam as Sam Harris says so well.

    The options for protection of liberal democracy, a system under which the most peaceful affluent, free and multi-ethnic societies have ever existed since the very dawn of mankind, not to mention technological advancement with medicine and so on, are dwindling indeed.

    It would appear that Muslims are demanding a war. They may actually get one.

  13. Fornication (sex outside marriage) is forbidden in Islaam, so they were breaking Islaamic as well as British law by committing those crimes.

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