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3 Replies to “Nonie Darwish in exceptionally good and important interview. Make time for this one.”

  1. it really is amazing. Let’s hope it gets the views it deserves.

    I may upload it as one continuous file, if I get permission, to MRCTV. Meanwhile please send this link out. Thank you for your comment Hermes, and all your hard work. It is appreciated.

  2. If everybody on earth were to see this video, the entire Islamic terrorism problem would begin clearing up the next day. Nonie understands the whole thing in precised detail from top to bottom; as far as I can see she is the World’s leading expert on the subject of Islamic Jihad and the Middle East in general. They are sneaking up on us, and Nonie Darwish is sounding the alarm. She lays the whole enchilada out in this video…every little detail and nuance. Her terrible truth is that it is the very heart of Islam that is evil, and it is going to annihilate us if we don’t wake up and face the truth – soon.

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