The Golden age of Spain, and the famous Islamic, ‘tolerance of Jews’

Just found this quote by the medieval Jewish scholar of Spain from the period referred to by modern useful-idiots as, ‘the Golden age’ of Spain under North African Islamic rule, by Moses Maimonides, famous 12the Century Jewish Scholar, persecuted in Islamic Spain:

“The nation of Ishmael persecutes us severely and devises ways to harm us and to debase us. None has been able to reduce us as they have. We have done as our sages instructed us, bearing the lies and absurdities of Ishmael. We listen but remain silent. In spite of all this, we are not spared from the ferocity of their wickedness and their outbursts at any time. On the contrary, the more we suffer and choose to conciliate them, the more they choose to act belligerently toward us.”

Funny how the evidence seems to run contrary to the contemporary leftist narrative isn’t it?

Broken link used to lead to the video below:

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  1. I suggest a read of Professor Stanley G. Payne’s Spain: A Unique History, specifically the chapter Spain and Islam: the Myth of Al-Andalus, in which Professor Payne begins:

    During the late twentieth century, Western multiculturalists began to imagine utopias of cultural and ethnic “diversity,” as they liked to put it, in which distinct cultures and civilizations would coexist harmoniously. This ideal became a prominent feature of cultural and educational institutions in western Europe and, especially, North America.

    It was difficult, not to say impossible, to find an historical precedent for such a utopia, since all known civilizations have insisted on the primacy of their own culture, but some commentators have thought to identify such a unique society in medieval Spain. As early as the mid-nineteenth century, historians and writers evoked a mythical paradise in medieval Al-Andalus, which was declared to have achieved a culture of genuine tolerance, compared with which all the rest of Spanish history might be seen as a decline.

    Additionally Professor Dario Fernandez-Morera weighs in here and here.

  2. Multiculturalists can be both Left or Right. The influx of any immigrants to the West is always welcomed by business groups. They do not turn away burqa clad customers, nor the view that immigration will take the heat out of the wage market.
    Some musings
    And Karl Marx, in context of Crimean War

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