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7 Replies to “Interesting animation.”

  1. Paid for by your friendly “Muslim Brotherhood of Islam” organization. Subtle and effective. Stealthy Islamization of the Western World at its best.

  2. Well that’s right, isn’t it? When, for instance, Geert Wilders says that he doesn’t want Dutch culture supplanted by Islam they say, “What is Dutch culture?”…”Do you mean ‘white’ culture? You’re a racist”. And on it goes. They’ve made it so that there is no way a white person can say one word about wanting to preserve his culture without being vilified as a racist. And yet it’s so obvious. Why should some Swiss person want his country turning into Bangladesh? Why should a German want his country turning into Turkey? Our opponents are clever indeed if they can actually make us believe this nonsense. But as things stand now, nobody has the nerve to talk about this stuff on the mainstream media. We are living behind a new Iron Curtain and our media is no more reliable today than was Pravda and Tass back then…

  3. It’s a typical sign of cultural marxism. They say the same here. “What is swedish culture?
    What is swedishness?” Even our PM, who is supposedly a right-winger really, has said similar things. Like it’s hard to define what is swedishness. He also stated that our ancient culture was pure barbarity and added that all developments had come from outside (Sweden). So that when you hear or read such talk, be aware that it is cultural marxism. Feel free to google topics like cultural marxism, the Frankfurter school, Marcuse and Gramsci. I’m sure it will be an eye-opener for many of you. All this crap about racism and feminism or promoting promiscuity and homosexuality comes from them. They have been doing this since the 30’s although it didn’t really explode until the late 60’s, early 70’s. So basically that was the children of the original cultural marxists who carried on the torch from their parents. Now they have infiltrated all countries and instituitions, even in USA. You see, as many if not all were jews, they fled to USA because of the war. Some of them returned to Europe again but far from all did. Especially Marcuse was influential during the 50’s, in spite of the McCarthy era.

  4. A very interesting piece of work, but sadly destined for the rubbish bin of free thought. How many Leftists are going to see this animation and start to think for themselves? None, I suspect – they have too many copies of John Esposito books to get through, they haven’t quite finished reading Karl Marx yet and they still haven’t got round to reading the Quran yet, a task they will never accomplish because they think that they already know what’s in the Koran anyway. Sadly, many people deviate towards listening to information that comes from sources that agree with their own political agenda. Only true intellectuals look at both sides of the argument. The pseudo-intellectuals such as Leftist politicians, Leftist college professors believe that already know the truth and will only read material or view media that enforces this so-called truth! If they did ever watch the above animation, the irony would probably be lost on them.

  5. You answered your own question. It will take somebody willing to make the hard decisions. Otherwise, it will play out long after we are gone when everything really goes bad.

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