French Fear New Serial Killer After Murders

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Sky News:

French forensic officers at the scene of the latest Grigny murderForensic officers at the scene of the murder of a 47-year-old mother in Grigny

4:08pm UK, Friday April 06, 2012

Police in France are investigating whether another serial killer is on the loose, after four people were killed in similar circumstances south of Paris.

The latest victim was a 48-year-old mother, named by French media as Nadjia Lahsene, who was shot dead outside her home in Grigny, a suburb in the southern outskirts of the capital.

She was killed by a gunman who fled on a motorbike – recalling the method used by Islamist extremist Mohammed Merah.

Merah was killed by offices in southern France last month after committing seven murders.


As in every criminal inquiry, we are putting every effort into finding out who is behind this.

Claude Gueant, France’s interior minister

But police believe there may be a link between the murder of Ms Lahsene and several other homicides in the area over the past five months.

“That is a concern, but in any case, as in every criminal inquiry, we are putting every effort into finding out who is behind this,” France’s interior minister Claude Gueant said.

Authorities have added however that nothing yet suggests any political or religious motives are behind the shootings.

On Thursday, Ms Lahsene, a woman of Algerian origin, was killed in the foyer of the apartment block where she lived with her 18-year-old son.

“Everyone is in shock,” said one of her neighbours, who asked not to be named. “She didn’t feel threatened. She’s a normal person, simple, no history.”


French forensic officer at scene of Grigny murderThe Grigny victim was reportedly killed by a gunman who fled on a motorbike

A report by Le Parisien said witnesses had described the perpetrator as a man at least 1.8 metres tall, wearing a leather bomber jacket and carrying a black motorcycle helmet and dark satchel.

He arrived at the scene of the murder on a blue Suzuki motorcycle that appeared to not have a licence plate, the report added.

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Now I find it interesting that if the man was carrying a motorcycle helmet, it probably means people could see his head. Yet the description of the man is not included here. Therefore, the suspect is likely black or Muslim or both. It will be interesting to follow this one.

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  1. It will be interesting alright. What strikes me is the way this has been going on for several months, and the similarity in MO between the two killers, if their is just two. This strikes me as an organized group that is using a previously successful MO to carry out terror attacks. After all the unknown is scarier then someone or thing you know.

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