Islamic Brotherhood, Taqyyia, and soft selling Islam as a democratic institution

Please take an anti-emetic before you watch this or at the very least a couple of Advil’s. Watching these members of Egypt’s ruling, Ikhwan (Islamic Brotherhood) try to represent itself as a democratic movement and using the language of contemporary Western leftism, concepts of ‘diversity’ and, ‘freedom from oppression’ in uniquely Islamic ways is going to make anyone familiar with Islam quite nauseous.

If I manage to find the time, I might grab a few choice highlights and try and make a short clip for everyone’s general use but that may not be right away. Meanwhile, watch the first two speakers at least. The female shill they use to soft-sell the new Egyptian regime, and the actual members of it.

It is also worth noting that the host of this event, a certain Esposito, was a character witness on behalf of the Islamic Brotherhood at the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial in the US.

The video is here at C-SPAN

Here is a clip to start with:

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