Muslims get pushy when men wear a burka to prove a point.

The reasoning is quite something. Apparently, freedom and choice is only for Muslims wherever they are. When non-Muslim men wear a burka to prove a point they get pushed around. The older man stood his ground with great honour though. That is why they picked on him I suppose.

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  1. Lately you can’t turn on the TV without hearing some reference to the fake “epidemic” of Bullying. Well how do you think we’re going to like it when the streets are full of aggressive young male Muslim weight-lifters like the guy in the video, just dying to show us what bullying is all about. That’s how it’s going to be. They have huge families and tend to abort the girls, so all over the Western World we are going to see disproportionate numbers of young tough Muslim guys eager to shove the rest of us around. How could we be so stupid?

  2. Ding..Ding..Ding…


    Infidels – 3, 345, 384, 827

    Muslims – 0

    Every time they “win”…they lose….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. Muslim men are scared of men in burkas because secretly it’s their ultimate sexual fantasy to uncover the garments and find what secret flesh lies underneath. The thought of a woman is one thing, but how nice for them to remove the burka and find a pretty young man underneath?
    Ooh, now that’s a conflict with their consciences. Homosexuality is forbidden in the Koran, yet the Muslim world is riddled with it!

  4. how can you go somewhere to be free and then do something that inhibits freedom.Was he argueing saying that they came here to getaway from saudi traditions so as to be free? or was it to be here so they can have the freedom to practice saudi traditions? or was he upset that someone is mocking his traditions therefore he is free to get angry?or that the freedom of wearing the burkha by another religion should be banned. I’m confused.
    Pakistani men (which is what he seemed to be)have a real macho problem.Their mothers build them up to be so special that when they are put down they get upset very easily.

  5. Ohhh God:

    He means what Muslims always mean by freedom. That they are free to do as they please and also free to restrict any of our freedoms that may call some of those actions into question.

    They are extremely consistent in that.

    Rule 1. Muslims can do anything at all if they claim Islam requires it of them.

    Rule 2. Non-Muslims may not criticize, object to, or take issue with, any activity Muslims feel free to do, especially when those activities make them superior to non-Muslims.

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