Breivik lawyer to call Fjordman to testify that he is not insane.

Somehow I just can’t see this going well for Breivik. In a weird way, this desire to call Fjordman for the defense to prove he is sane, is in itself a kind of proof that he is as nuts as a can-of-cashews.

Washington Post:

Lawyer: Norwegian who killed 77 to call Islamist, anti-Muslim extremists to testify

By Associated Press, Updated: Monday, April 2, 11:00 AM

OSLO, Norway — A lawyer for the Norwegian who confessed to killing 77 people says the defense will call both a Muslim cleric and an anti-Islamic blogger to the stand to refute claims that his client is insane.

Geir Lippestad, who represents Anders Behring Breivik, wants their testimony to show there are others who share Breivik’s world view.

Lippestad told public broadcaster NRK on Monday “we wish to call witnesses from both right-wing extremist and Islamist environments.”

Lippestad said witnesses would include Mullah Krekar, a radical Iraqi cleric jailed in Norway for making death threats, and a prominent anti-Islamic blogger known as Fjordman.

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6 Replies to “Breivik lawyer to call Fjordman to testify that he is not insane.”

  1. if he is judged to be sane then he faces a court of law.
    in that case, what he says could, potetnialy, be very damaging to those that supported him.
    they may well turn out not to be the far right but the far left.
    the norwgian government are desparate to have him, breivik, labeled a looney so they can avoid that and discredit him and the counter jihadidsts simultaniously.

  2. “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence,” the document states: “as we all know, the root of Europe’s problems is the lack of cultural self-confidence [nationalism] …
    this irrational fear of nationalistic doctrines is preventing us from stopping our own national/ cultural suicide as the Islamic colonization is increasing annually …You cannot defeat Islamization or halt/reverse the Islamic colonization of Western Europe without first removing the political doctrines manifested through multiculturalism/ cultural Marxism.”

    This is so true “…without first removing the political doctrines…” that gave anyone a pass to a country and immediate access to its Welfare System in return for political votes and advancing the ideology of European Communism to destroy individual national identity.

    So why kill like a Catholic IRA terrorist or murder like a Mohammadan? They will hold up a thousand-fold of attrocities equal to your one. Why? Because you had much reality on your side and they just had Big Ideologies to wave around.

    Is Anders Breivik insane or just another Manchurian Candidate? Terrorized so that a Mohammad (peace be upon those who suffered), Emperor Hirohito, or Obama could make him ‘do a Spike Lee,’ to kill or pass information on to others with the likelyhood of physical harm?

    To write his Mein kampf of a Manifesto does suggest grand delusion and the need to write things down from a jumbled head for a sense of clarity. Just like the Koran was for Mohammad (pbutws).

    The courts will have to decide. The term ‘unsane’ and meme come to mind.

    Source of quote:

  3. This is stupid. The psychiatrists who observed Brievik in the mental institution came to the conclusion that he was insane based upon the impairment of his cognitive functions, not because of his beliefs. Whatever Fjordman has to say is utterly irrelevant.

    The validity of the things which might have ispired the expression of his insanity is irrelevant. His beliefs are the exact opposite of anti jihadists. He was obsessed with reestablishing a mythical purity of his country. Anti jihadists champion heterogeneity of culture and thought. Indeed it is the jihadists, who also believe in homogenaity of culture, who are the most similar to Brievik.

    And as far as the reestablishing of this mythical purity goes, a Psychiatrist Like R. D. Liang or Anna Freud would say that Brieviks obsession with creating purity in his country was the externalization of his anxiety over his own deteriorating internal cohesion.

    Schizophrenics always become obsessed with order when descending into full blown schizophrenia. Either in their own health or in managing the world into orderered conspiracies or theories that “explain everything”. This is an attempt to combat the confused congnition developing in their minds.

    Schizophrenics are always externalizing their anxieties over this confusion. That is why they compulsively write in journals (sound familiar?) and rant on the street about what appear to be complex conspiracies.

    Schizophrenia can manifest itself over a short period of time or over the course of many years.

    There is a condition on the schizophrenia spectrum called Schizotypal Personality Disorder. It is possible to have SPD for years before the condition deteriorates into schizophrenia. That appears to be what has happend to Brievik. He even discussed his anxiety over his deteriorating cognitive functioning in his journal (what the ill informed are still calling his manifesto).

    People with SPD appear to function normally but are extremely eccentric in speech and general manner. When the police and lawysers discussed his general strangeness of manner and speech they were not talking about the content of his ramblings but the manner in which he spoke.

    One prominant symptom of SPD is the holding of wierd beliefs. Such people seem to be completley normal but will go to the police and cooly and calmly accuse their neighbors of pointing deathrays at them. Which wierd belief depends upon what is in the media. When death rays were popular that was the belief, when popular fiction turned to stories of UFO’s, they believed themeselves to have been abducted.

    The Guardian examined Brieviks web surfing and found that he spent almost all of his time on Nationalist websites. He spent time on over a hundred Nationalist sites (and a similar number of general media sites like MSNBC) and only ever visited about 11 “anti jihad” interest sites (3 of the 14 anti jihad sites were just pages).

    From those nationalist sites he developed an obsession with nationalistic purity because it doevetailed with his anxieties over his own internal life.

  4. This is stupid. The psychiatrists who observed Brievik in the mental institution came to the conclusion that he was insane based upon the impairment of his cognitive functions, not because of his beliefs.

    Memory impairment can be measured by standard tests in clinical psychology, but emotional psychology? So much cultural and political mush has come out from this pseudo-science of psychoanalysis that one person’s narcissist is another person’s lifestyle choice. The Lockerby Bomber released to Libya had “only three months to live”. Oh, no….

    Stick a group of psychologists in a room and the light bulb will glow.

    “Your child needs ritalin”

    Just a little skeptical of the finality this ‘diagnosis’.

  5. Kinderling: Yes in less obvious disorders it can be difficult to come to a reliable diagnosis. But schizophrenia has telltale signs that are not open to personal interpretation.

    Cognition is the mechanics of brain functioning, not the emotions or opinions of the subject. It is the ability to order and make coherent use of perceptions, not merely the ability to memorise.

    It was his impared cognition that lead the observing psychiatrists to their diagnosis, not the content of what he was talking about. That is to say it was the way he communicated and responded that was relevant to the diagnosis, rather than what he communicated.

    Should you still have doubts: In his journal he talked extensively about his mother and sister’s sex lives and how they had venerial diseases. Paranoia about the sex lives of others is not subject matter one finds in political manifestos but it is very often found in the journals of shcizophrenics.

    He proposed a nation wide DNA test for people to find the rightful king of norway and believed that it would be he.

    Though I haven’t read Das Kapital in a while I don’t think Marx believed himself to be the rightful heir to the throne of germany.

    I’m not a genius of forensic psychology. I came to the conclusions I did because they would be obvious to anyone with a certain amount of accredited education in psychology (which I do have). Breiviks symptoms and life pattern match every single case of schizophrenia I have encountered in text books, books, films and life. It does not match any other pattern of sanity loss or fanaticism.

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