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9 Replies to “I wonder if there were any tweeting, mass marches or TV talk show hosts and pundits advocating for this young man”

  1. This is what happens when blacks feel “empowered” by a half black race baiter in the white house. Since Jan 2011 I have collected a folder of black on white and black on black attacks. It seems to get worse everyday but you don’t hear entertainers & politicians talking about that, do you? That’s because they’re leftards following their “president’s” lead.

  2. The Blacks and the left are both thinking now is the time for a civil war, if they are very unlucky they will get their wish.

  3. Notice the last part of the report admitting the streets are not safe for anyone and no one should be on the streets alone

  4. I’m sorry – I dont have all the details, but there is a case in the US where a black basketball player raped a white cheerleader. He was convicted – but received a very lenient sentence – he returned to the basketball team. The girl who was a cheerleader still, did not want to cheer for him, but was either forced to do so, or dropped from the team.

    Which tells me that not only is it not racism for a blackman to rape a white girl – but she must also cheer him too.

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