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2 Replies to “Mark Steyn on Coren fighting political correctness”

  1. I do disagree with Steyn about the burka. The idea that its a “free choice” doesn’t really hold water. That would be like saying blacks sitting in the back of the bus in the segregated south was a free choice. Its a discriminatory device that’s part of a fascist ideology.

  2. The security issue is about covering one’s identity. Next is whether an article of clothing conflicts with a dress code for employment or is hazardous or unsanitary at work. Otherwise, who cares? Why lose sleep over personal relationships that are personal? Violations of the law, such as domestic violence or inheritance discrimination have to be brought by the aggrieved party. Here and there, muslim women do complain. If they don’t complain, society does not step in. All of the social changes we have had were brought about by victims complaining.

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