Islam on campus. A special report from Point De Bascule

I just received an email from the truly superb website, ‘Point De Bascule’ (The Tipping Point) a French language website out of Quebec that does very thorough and carefully vetted research into the main issue of the day, our war with Islam and the extent to which they are taking over and transforming the Western world, specifically Quebec in their case.

This is a great read. But bookmark PDB and check it for English articles when you can. They have original material that is really worth reading and frankly, important to know. There may be another article ready soon which will deal with another critical aspect of Islamic influence in the Western world as well I am nervously anticipating.

Meanwhile, From Point De Bascule:

You are the recipient of this email because you are all aware that last September 2011 McGill gave its full blessings to  a grand“interreligious” conference which also promoted (with the intention to replace the current UN declaration) a Universal Declaration of Human Rights of Religions. Censoring academe and the media was part of the “rights” listed in this declaration.  The Dalai Lama was invited alongside Tariq Ramadan… As is usually the case, after Ramadan has been anointed with the blessings of  a prestigious University, the same university seems to be getting, a short time after his passage, some form of significant “gift” or the announcement of a new chair to study something related to the Middle-East or a form of Shariah base studies, those from Ottawa may have already noticed this.

Please note that the McGill announcement comes only one day after the French government officially banned several “extremists” from entering their country. The French government’s Press Release also names Youssef Qaradawi and Tariq Ramadan.  Youssef Qaradawi did not need a visa to enter France as he is the holder of a Qatari diplomatic passport, of course he “renounced” his privilege to enter France. In the future when Tariq Ramadan will be faced with this question he will undoubtedly respond that France never banned Qaradawi… In the same way that he recently said to a CBC journalist that he did not preface Qaradawi’s book of Fatwas, it was rather a commentary (not a preface ?) – The book proves otherwise.

As for Tariq Ramadan, well the government slapped the UOIF (French Muslim Brotherhood) organizers on the hand for inviting Tariq Ramadan… This all came about after the killings in France by a “radical something” that fell out of a clear blue sky to become “something radical”. So the French said that they would now target all those who preach “radical stuff”. They discovered that Qaradawi, Sabri and Ramadan just might be doing something that may lead to lone killing machines who just randomly targets little girls who just so happen to be Jewish. Of course, he was a “lone wolf” who just felt compelled  to also  film his selective actions to share with “a lot” of “likeminded” friends.  So much so in fact, that the government had to shut down several Facebook pages praising the “killer” with enough tumbs-up to demonstrate that the “loner” was definitely “not alone”. This French electoral campaign is thus helping some politicians to do what should have obviously be done a long long long time ago. One wonders what would have happened without an electoral campaign where the Qatari influence on the French government and policies is one of the topics debated…

This said, a day after the French Press Release, the Montreal McGill University accepts $1.25M from Qatar… Where Qaradawi and Tariq Ramadan just recently joined forces to establish and run an international Qatari center to spread the “ethical” sharia around the world…


Below I added in the Further Reading section an article we published on Ismael Faruqi. Faruqi played a critical part in transforming the McGill Islamic Studies department. He provided leadership to the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and then later founded the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) alongside Youssef Qaradawi… He then coined the expression “Islamization of knowledge”.


After the news of his assassination came out in the late ‘80s, the Jordanian Ministry of Islamic Affairs denounced “extremist Zionists” for having killed the Faruqis, several other Arab media echoed what the Jordanian Ministry declared.  We later discovered that the killer was not a Jew but an American Muslim. He killed Faruqi because he suspected him of having homosexual relationships with his Malaysian students at Temple University…


In spite of the fact that Faruqi’s killer was discovered, tried and convicted and that his motive was made public 25 years ago, IIIT keeps pretending on its website that the circumstances leading to Faruqi’s murder remain a mystery. This is clearly a case of Islamization of knowledge. They hide the truth because they figure that it would hinder their cause. The rewriting of history is a distinctive feature of all totalitarian ideologies.


McGill’s Institute of Islamic Studies was established with the goal of “attracting scholars and students” (such as Faruqi) from the Muslim world and “more recently, the Institute has also developed its expertise in the history” of Arabic-Islamic science. With the Qatari money, they surely will invite scholars that were incubated in the new Qatari center lead by Qaradawi and Ramadan to spread “Ethical” Shariah.


Will this also mean that the Qatari gift will help McGill continue the legacy left by  Faruqi ? If so, will it take an electoral campaign and a massacre to wake up and take a stand like the French Government just did in the future ? Or will continue to present “scholars” like Youssef Qaradawi as “moderates” in order to secure further Qatari funding ?


If no one sends a clear message to McGill, then who will ?


As we can see, “money talks” and some with career ambitions devoid of basic principles are obviously “seing” the advantage of being blind. They believe that money has no odor, that nothing really happened on 9-11 and what happened in France was a “lone wolf” radical who fell from the sky like Mr. Bean.


If you don’t send a clear message to McGill, then who will ?



From Point De Bascule.

Écrit par Point de Bascule on 30 Mars 2012. Posted in Actualités d’ici et d’ailleurs
McGill’s Institute of Islamic Studies receives $1.25 M gift from State of Qatar

McGill University and its Institute of Islamic Studies have received a generous $1.25 million gift from the State of Qatar. The gift, announced today during a visit to McGill by His Excellency Salem Al-Shafi, the first Ambassador from Qatar to Canada, coincides with the Institute’s 60th anniversary and will be used to fund a series of conferences to be held over the next year.

“We believe this contribution will further assist the Institute in carrying on the distinguished role it has played, since its establishment in 1952, in advancing research related to Islam and the history and civilization of the Islamic world,” said His Excellency Al-Shafi. “We also believe that the Institute shares our vision that knowledge and education are key to meet the challenges of our changing world and provide the tools to better understand the ever-evolving relationship between religion and mankind and how it has contributed to our well-being and the coexistence of peoples.”

“We are deeply appreciative of the State of Qatar’s generous gift, which  will help to further the vision of founder Prof. Wilfred Cantwell Smith, who 60 years ago conceived of our Institute of Islamic Studies, then the first of its kind in North America,” said Prof. Heather Munroe-Blum, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill. “The work of the Institute is even more relevant today, not only in advancing the understanding of Islamic history and Muslim societies, but also to ensure a plurality of voices in scholarly dialogue.”

McGill’s Institute of Islamic Studies was established in 1952 with the goal of attracting scholars and students from the Muslim world, North America and Europe. Its traditional strengths have ranged from pre-colonial Islamic history, philosophy, theology and law to Islam in South Asia, Ottoman and Turkish Studies, and Arabic and Persian literature. More recently, the Institute has also developed its expertise in the history of Arabic-Islamic science and in the modern-day history and politics of the Middle East, with the goal of relating Islamic antiquity to the contemporary Muslim world.


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