Argentina’s Carlos Menem faces bombing trial

The posts today may be a little weighted on the subject of antisemitism. However this is because the attacks on Jewish people by Muslims seem to be experiencing quite an uptick just at the moment.

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From BBC:

Carlos Menem, speaks at the Senate in Buenos Aires on July 17, 2008 Carlos Menem was president at the time of the attack

Former Argentine President Carlos Menem is to stand trial for allegedly obstructing an investigation into an attack on a Jewish cultural centre in Buenos Aires, officials have said.

Argentina blamed the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah for the 1994 bombing, which killed 85 people.

But prosecutors say evidence indicating the involvement of local accomplices in the attack was covered up.

No-one has ever been convicted of the car bombing.

The attack on the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association took place on 18 July, 1994, during Carlos Menem’s first term in office as president.

The bombing demolished the seven-storey cultural centre.

Argentine prosecutors said Iran planned and financed the attack, and that a Hezbollah cell carried it out.

The prosecutors say there is evidence that the Argentine intelligence services and security forces helped cover up the tracks of local accomplices of the attackers.

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