“In an apparently separate incident, threatening letters were sent to two Parisian synagogues on Monday.”

Two articles on the mass murder at the Jewish college in France today.

1. From the Times of Israel. 

A well written and thorough report. Read to the end.

2. From the Sun.

Identifies several men believed to be Neo-Nazis who were expelled from the French military for their Nazi views. It is still very early in the game and as we know, the European media typically likes to ‘pink-paint’ any horrific crime to avoid creating animosity towards Muslims and non-European immigrants in general merely because they commit the vast and massively disproportionate amount of the crime, horrific and otherwise. But the evidence for a Nazi conspiracy in a few recent shooting deaths in France seems convincing for now.


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3 Replies to ““In an apparently separate incident, threatening letters were sent to two Parisian synagogues on Monday.””

  1. The killer was described as a small man who acted calmly, stopping to change the magazine of his pistol.
    Witnesses described how he had turned over one of the wounded men who was trying to crawl away, and fired three more shots into him.
    He was someone obviously used to handling a gun, a judicial source told AFP.
    One witness, who described the killer as “of average height and quite fat”, told French broadcaster RTL his helmet visor had been raised and she had seen his eyes and a tattoo or scar on his face.

    “one of the soldier victims had a criminal record, other than a speeding offence in one case, seems to undermine the theory of a gangland motive. Furthermore, the soldiers in Montauban did not know the sergeant killed in Toulouse, according to France TV Info.

    Note: below the halfway point on the page, a gratuitous link to Breivik
    What the victims have in common is that they belong to, or are associated with, ethnic or religious minorities – North African, Caribbean and Jewish.
    * On Sunday 11 March, Imad Ibn-Ziaten, a 30-year-old staff sergeant in the 1st Airborne Transportation Regiment, not in uniform, was shot dead around 16:00 (15:00 GMT) behind a school in a quiet district of Toulouse.He had posted a small ad on a website to sell a Suzuki Bandit motorcycle, and the suspected gunman had arranged a meeting to see it.
    * Thursday, March 15th – Two members of the 17th Airborne Combat Engineering Regiment,
    Corporal Abel Chennouf, 24 ( Catholic?), and Private Mohamed Legouad, 26, were killed. Both, like Sgt Ibn-Ziaten, were of North African origin.
    A third paratrooper, 28-year-old Corporal Loic Liber from the French overseas region of Guadeloupe (of Afro-Caribbean descent), was left in a coma.

    The sergeant was found shot in the head, his motorcycle beside him.

  2. If it is proved that the animal who committed this crime is a Nationalist of some description I would be amazed.

    It is more than likely that it was a Muslim.

    But we have yet to find out.

    Amazing that this happened just prior to the French Presidential elections and the rush to judgement is concentrated on the Nationalists.

    Speaking as a Nationalist I know of no one who is celebrating these awful crimes and I would never have any conversations with those who do.

  3. French school killer ‘may have filmed shootings’ – @AP

    Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the attacker was “wearing around his neck an apparatus” that could be used to film and post video online. He said that gave investigators new clues to the killer’s “profile,” though he admitted that they don’t appear to close to an arrest. Gueant described the suspect as “someone very cold, very determined, very much a master of his movements, and by consequence, very cruel.”
    Asked whether the gunman recorded the scene, Gueant responded, “We can imagine that.” But he added that authorities have not yet found any images of the killings online.

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