A World of Refugees

Canada Free Press:

Daniel Greenfield  Sunday, March 11, 2012
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The old paradigm that a country has the right to decide who enters it has been decisively overturned in Europe, it’s under siege in such first world countries as America, Canada, Australia and Israel by the creed that says it’s the human rights obligation of every nation to accept every refugee.

Given a chance, a sizable portion of the third world would move to the first, a minority because of oppression and a majority because the opportunities and freebies are much better there. Even low ranked first-world nations still find themselves swamped with refugees looking to move in.

International law does not assign any priority to a nation’s citizens over any person who happens to stray across the border. At the ground level that means the end of borders and the end of citizenship, which is why immigration isn’t just a touchy issue in Arizona, it’s a touchy issue in Sydney, Tel Aviv and Birmingham. You can hardly open a newspaper of the liberal persuasion without being treated to another group of refugees in some troubled part of the world walled up behind fences and trying to get over to London, Sydney or New York

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3 Replies to “A World of Refugees”

  1. It’s not an achievement when native born citizens of the dominate culture are experiencing culture shock in their own country; and then get told that ‘we are all immigrants’ and that the country was stolen off the indigenous inhabitants so ‘everyone’ has a right to ‘settle’ the country and not assimilate.

    It is not an achievement when native born citizens start to experience racism from minorities taking their historical grievances out of them.

    It’s a good article. I think we need more people to say what is happening is race replacement and that these countries are going to completely alter.

  2. The majority of these “refugee” countries do not accept responsibility for reproduction, therefore there will always be a never ending supply of refugees & immigrants to more evolved countries until they too are overrun and their quality of life is either severely diminished or destroyed.

    It’s time to close the doors and insist that these countries take responsibility for reproduction, feeding & care of their citizens. The more we take care of them, the more they breed, the more they breed the more they expect us to take care of them (in our own countries). It is an endless cycle.

    Personally, I’m fed up with it and it is time to toughen up and force these nations to take full responsibility for their own people.

    “Why is it always white Europeans, and only them, who are to be deconstructed and have their countries and cultural history taken away from them? “-Hylland Eriksen

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